What is the best Hygrometer to use when Hatching Eggs?

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by Chicken Junkies, Jan 15, 2011.

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    Just set my first clutch of eggs and was wondering what the best and most accurate Hygrometer would be. I have a digital one, but have heard they are not accurate. Anyone have any suggestions? I'm using a HovaBator 1620 still air this time. Planning on adding a fan next hatch. I appreciate any help, as I haven't used this incubator before.
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    Why not calibrate the digital one you have and see how accurate it is? I have one of those Springfield units from Walmart that many people despise but I calibrated it and it reads humidity perfectly. If yours does too, you can use the one you already have....
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    After you add the fan to your incubator you can measure relative humidity with a wet bulb thermometer/hygrometer . Basically a glass thermometer with a wet wick slid over the end. Brinsea and Lyon electrics( Marsh Farms) sells them , among others. You compare the dry bulb temp to the wet bulb temp and calculate r/h using simple chart. This is the most accurate way. Won't work in still air incubators. Easier to use than it sounds.
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    OK, guess I need to go read about calibrating hygrometers. I think I saw a chart here somewhere if I can just figure it out. lol My blub thermometer that came with the incubator is 3 degrees different than the digital one I have. [​IMG] Whew, what to do?

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