What is the deal with FG diatomaceous earth? Studies/articles please? Safety?

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  1. I am fairly certain that the inside of a dogs' gut is at least as damp as the Everglades so that should prevent DE from performing it's magic.
  2. The lye in ashes is the same thing that old fashioned homemade soap is made from. I would think that the lye in ashes would lite up lice and mites, but especially chicken lice because of their soft body.
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    You've taken my comment out way of context....I said nothing about dogs, was talking about DE in a dust bath. ;)
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    That's what I was thinking... since I usually see them panting to cool off. But hadn't had time to research yet this morning. :pop
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    Some might...

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    Chickens thermal regulation is achieved through their combs, wattles and to lose heat, through panting.
    What is less well known is they also lose heat through tiny adjustments to their feathers.
    Most have seen chickens puff up to keep warm but it works the other way as well, they can adjust to maximise air flow close to the body organs, hence the spreadingof wings when hot.
    It is this, amoung other things that drives me mad when people put saddles on chickens.
    Given the area that these saddles cover the ability of a hen to lose heat is drastically reduced.
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    You are correct. :thumbsup

    In this puff up manner... it also kinda shade them.

    We shaved my Queensland Heeler once thinking it would help him cool off. What a nightmare. :barnie Through researching the breed more, turns out their fur helps keep them COOL when it hot. Who knew. :pop
    Lol... ya I think you might be right too. :p Think I see a bead of sweat on her forehead. :drool
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    Feet too.
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    I can see your birds cant wait for winter...already got the sled out:lol:
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    Holy shnikees people.. if I would have known this topic was going to cause this much stress, I really wouldn't have asked. Oy!

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