What is with some women......................

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...................that when they a see a beautiful women in person or via picture that they have to try and tear that women down? And the same women don't seem to trust men at all. Is it jealousy? Insecurity? My wife is not like this. Some of the women on this forum are. Why is it so wrong to some women for a man to compliment another women (other than his wife) about their looks? I swear, some women are just so immature that they can't see compliments are harmless and not all men are scum. I think it is great when a guy compliments my wife on her looks, I know she is flattered by it and it makes her feel better about herself. In turn, I have no problems when my wife makes a comment about how cute or handsome some other guy may be.

Sorry, I ranted, but in another thread I was questioned about a compliment I made about someone's picture. I sure wish that we (men) could just feel free to compliment someone about their looks without some women thinking there is ulterior motive.
Ya know it's just human nature to look at what's around,doesn't mean your gonna do anything:confused:.We're attracted to what's attractive to us as a individual be it art,people or whatever.I'd say they're just envious if it's that big an issue to them. Some people are just nice and complementry to others,if your significant other doesn't care than what's the big deal.You may be the only person to make them feel good about themselves that day.Women sometimes
Sorry to say & no offence.
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I like to think that the planet and its inhabitants are somewhat like a library.... there is nothing whatsoever wrong in admiring the "cover" of anything that one believes to be beautiful ....... I don't have a problem with my DH admiring anything from an animal to a human... nor does he have a problem with me doing the same thing... it does not mean you are going to take the book out of the library... we where given eyes for a purpose...... to look upon everything......... admire if we will or not the choice is to the individual.........
Although I understand that everyone notices attractive members of the opposite sex, I think that it is best not to be too obvious with your spouse about it. If I see a good looking man jogging, I am not going to point out the man to my hubby. My husband might not be bothered at all by the fact that I find a man with rippling abs attractive but I don't want to make him feel inadequate, especially as he is trying to loose weight.
I think it is sad that men value women solely for their looks. It doesn't make them scum, but it makes them rather shallow. If I think a person is good looking, I keep it to myself. I would never embarrass them by making them feel like a piece of meat.
I'm fine with my SO admiring attractive women. I'll often point out the ones I find particularly attractive to him. Our taste varies somewhat, though, and I'll admit that when he points out a woman I genuinely do not find attractive, I probably seem like an insecure ninny to outsiders with the way I'll start questioning him . . . and I am an insecure ninny, but not in the way many people would think. When he admires women that aren't attractive to me I can't help but wonder if his taste in unattractive women extends to me, that maybe he admires me because I'm as ugly as the woman he pointed out. I know, I know, it's a ridiculous form of reasoning, and it's very stupid that I can find something undesirable in my SO finding me attractive, but, yeah, there ya go. It's just a quirk of mine, and a little insight into the why and wherefore of at least one woman's dislike of her man's appreciation of other women.
I used to be very insecure. That comes from being married to my first husband for almost 20 years and he was a habitual cheater. So when I married my current husband, I didn't trust him either. After 11 years of being together, he has proven himself over and over again.

I am no longer insecure even though I could have every reason to be. A very horrific accident has left my body, especially my face, horribly scarred. I used to worry about what others thought and worried whether my husband would walk away.

But he is still the same kind, loving, wonderful man I met 11 years ago. He is the one who, when I wanted to stay inside like a hermit due to my disfigured face and body, would encourage me to go out into public and hold my head up high.

And if he looks at a beautiful woman, he can look all he wants. I know its me who he comes home to...and always will.

Feel free to make me feel like a piece of meat.
Unsolicited compliments are far too few and far between. I make a point of telling strangers they look good, if I honestly think so, and they all seem genuinely thrilled to be noticed. It's when you get to know a person and learn more about them that you can start complimenting their talent, mind, etc, but until then, all you have to go on is physical, and I never see the point in holding back a compliment. It could make someone's day.
I had to look through your posts to see what you had happened. Is it the post in which you tell the future model that she is hot? Only one person-that I saw- commented about your compliment and that was more in a teasing manner. If there is another thread could you link to it?

I think that women are very competitive with one another. Sometimes that competitiveness can become very mean and nasty. Yes, I have seen women tear down one another either because another woman is not attractive enough or because she is too attractive.

Women tend to personalize things in a way that men do not. So, if a slightly overweight woman hears a man compliment a woman who is skinny, she automatically takes that as a cut to her weight problem. That is silly, of course, but I think that it stems from under confidence.

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