what is wrong with her neck?

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    Jun 30, 2008
    jay, florida
    just bought a set of polish, and the hen holds her head to one side, have checked in her ear, and her top hat isn't too heavy, but whenyou pick her up she will turn her head almost all the way around? anyone have any ideas as to what is going on , or is this normal for this type of bird?

    thanks, angie
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    Apr 24, 2007
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    No it isn't normal. It sounds like crookneck. I have a special needs rooster who has it. He fell off the perch when he was small. I have doctored him since he was 12 weeks old but he has his own special run and girlfriend. He can not go into the main coop as they pick on him check out crookneck under search and see if it matches your description. Micki
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    its either crookneck or somewhat of an inner ear imbalance. i would lean more towards crookneck though. research it and let us know
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    Polish, silkies and other vaulted skull or tophat chickens are prone to crooked neck or head injuries. Poly-vi-sol vitamins along with Vitamin E are helpful. Make sure she has a full bowel of food because they often have trouble aiming at things well.

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