What items are needed?????????


10 Years
Mar 19, 2009
Hello all, I want your advice. I am looking to start building items for sale over the internet. What type items would there be a demand for that would help us all with our chicken addiction. I have pretty good carpentry skills and think I will soon market coops, feeders but what else are you looking for? I want to build quality items that people will be proud of. Help......
My DH builds furniture from trees on our property. Rustic type log furntiture that is awesome. He makes wreaths from grapevines out in the woods. Birdhouses, cool signs, picture frames, and stuff like that are always in demand around here. Coops, feeders, nest boxes, and such are a great idea too. Especially with all of us on here LOL

Good Luck to you on your adventure!
Chicken tractors are also a good idea.
I am interested in your products. Keep us posted.

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