What kind of buff banty - what kind of comb would you call this?


11 Years
Oct 22, 2008
west virginia

This little banty was picked up over 2 months ago at the TSC bin (not sure of the exact age, 9 or 10 weeks or thereabouts).

I thought it was perhaps a buff orp banty, but this little one has an odd kind of comb. It's just these two ridges above her beak. Behind and between those, it is almost flat skin with a kind of dimple in it, as if her comb were cut off. To my knowledge, she's never been injured there. I can't get her to hold still long enough for a better, more close up picture, though. Its not like the pea comb of my EEs either.

Bodily and feather wise, she seems to resemble a tiny buff orp, but this no single comb thing has thrown me off a bit - not sure what else she could be?

She does not look like the two cornish banties that I have, either - she's bigger and her feathers are fuller. She has white legs with a bit of reddish coloring down the sides rather than the big, chunky legs of the cornish.

Extremely good natured little thing. Any ideas?

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