What kind of house plants do you have?

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    I would love to see everyone's house plants! I have a bit of an addiction with plants, and often suffer from empty pot syndrome. I have quite a few plants at home. Here are a few photos of them!

    My gardenia. It hasn't been doing terribly well, but did bloom quite a few times this summer. I got it on sale at a flower show.

    My fairy garden. The ivy and palm are doing amazing! The palm was supposed to be a full sun plant according to the tag but I bought it anyway and stuck it in the shade. It has just taken off and is double the size since this picture was taken. The red moss is a bit more tricky and requires a lot of water.

    My spider plant. I always wanted one of these. It actually got flowers this year!

    Queen Anne's tears. I bought this from a sale at college and it belonged to a professor who had passed away. The story is that she snuck it in her purse all the way from Jamaica. It blooms every year exactly on Christmas Day!
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    Christmas cactus - first year I almost killed it by overwatering. Pics are second season, and it's still alive and now quite healthy.[​IMG]

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