What Next? Pls tell me!

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May 6, 2020
Lagos State, Nigeria
The remaining male (turkey) I have left after female died second day I bought it is not eating.

I put the coccidiosis and worming drugs in the food, he did not eat, and in water he did not.

But I force him to drink and he did but I suspect that his poop is watery.

Pls how can I force him to eat. I want him to eat.

Pls help me; what Next?
I’m so sorry. Where did you get them? Were they sick when you brought them home? It’s so hard to know. If they were already sick, the stress of moving may have been too much fir the female. Would you consider tube feeding?

Well, its Nigeria. Poult store.

Its male... How can I do the tide feeding?

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