What next? These animals scare me..

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by redhen, Apr 15, 2012.

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    Yep, it is OK to disagree on the issues we will never agree on.

    I agree with Mattema and Thai's posts.
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    I do not agree that we went there for a pipeline that will never be built. The companies that looked at building one decided it would not be cost effective.
    We asked them to hand over Bin Ladin and they said no he is our friend. The friend of my enemy is my enemy. We shouldn't still be there we should have left with a note that if the same group was allowed to regain power we would be back.

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    these animals scare me: humans who think they are so great just because they are Christian. people who do crime for no good reason. People who are so dumb. People who are blind to see the world as having too many people in it... People who won't understand me. People who discrimate against others for no good reason. People who lie. People who talk like they are all that. People who steal from just anybody. People who fake sick. People who make other people do stuff for them all the time, maybe even if they ask something of someone with no meaning behind it. People who don't think twice....
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    Have a look at this:


    [FONT=Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif]John J. Maresca, vice president, international relations for UNOCAL oil company said "It's not going to be built until there is a single Afghan government. That's the simple answer." [/FONT]
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    Like I said never.

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    That's one of the funniest sites. I think you're required to put a tin foil hat on to look at it.

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    Jan 29, 2011

    You bring up a good point.
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    I find it hard to understand how people in this country expect people in other cultures to change within a few years and act like "us" or "democratic" or "humanitarian" or "whateveradjectiveyouwant to use" when for literally thousands of years their cultures have acted totally completely different. It took an entire generation (25 yrs) for the American Revolution to effect any change and evolve within itself-- and the words there are "within itself".
    I feel for the people within other cultures. I really do. But I don't feel we should force change on a people who are not ready for it. They themselves must want and evolve the changes.
    Likewise if any entity strikes at us, it behooves us to defend ourselves in any way we see fit. I am very passive and peaceloving,live and let live. I don't agree with your way of life but that is your choice , not mine.
    Just don't attack me and don't antagonize me needlessly.
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    I think any government that does what Syria, Libya, Iran, Iraq, and TONS of others.... are animals. But its the officials and people that do the evil things, not the countries themselves that are the issue.
    And people in the US are in that same boat.
    People who want to condemn other peoples religions and personal human liasons, those are some of the worst animals (with apologies to actual non human animals).
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