What personalities at 3 weeks!

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Jun 21, 2010
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So my babies are 3 weeks old. And it sounds like Im lucky I havent lost any. I am surprised by everything about them: they little songbird sounds, watching this pecking order thing start, watching that they DO in fact have certain "buddies" they like to hang with and this one little bird who has not grown a tail (she is a Rhode Island White-supposedly) every time I open the brooder she jumps out to sit on my lap or walk up and down my arm and yesterday decided to sit on my shoulder. And she just SAT there whole I was sewing! We cant decide if she is really brave or really dumb in chicken terms. My hubby thinks it is funny that the least attractive bird is the most friendly. As of yet she has not pecked at me. I probly shouldnt let her sit up there but if she is just hanging out...? Thats my Annie Oklie! (yeah I look like a total hag in the photo. I have been caring for 3 people with flu and pink eye for 5 days and Im exhausted. My 5 yr old took the picture.

no that isnt poo on my shirt....it is a housework shirt....


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Aug 3, 2009
That's so cute.
I've found that my hens that start out like that, they are ultimately my friendliest.
She's not dumb, she knows that that adorable behavior will get her more treats.


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Aug 12, 2009
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My Coop
Cute! And WHY shouldn't you let them? I see absolutely no harm in it whatsoever. I had a juvie black star mistake me for a roost one evening. It was time for them all to go to bed and I was standing by the coop waiting to shut the door after they were all in. The black star jumped onto the roof of the coop and from there kept hanging on the edge eyeing me. I couldn't figure out what she was up to until she suddenly jumped, landed on my shoulder, and then snuggled her head into my hair and went to sleep. Its true they like to roost in the highest spot and I guess at that moment my shoulder was the highest spot (my coop is only 4' high). I waited awhile thinking she'd get down but she seemed to be content to spend the night there so I had to lift her down and put her in the coop.

Btw, no apologies for the photo - it looks REAL!


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Dec 21, 2010
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I think your chick is adorable!!! I have a little EE girl (the runt) that bails out of the brooder on me like that as well, mine are 5 weeks today and they have me totally mezmerized!


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Jun 20, 2010
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Speaking from personal experience- once they get bigger and do that, they WILL peck you in the eyes and pull your earrings out. The earrings I can handle- however, being pecked in the eye equals pain, a doctor's visit, a scratched cornea (or worse) and eye meds. It's cute now, but it won;t be when you can't sleep because your eye hurts. Just sayin'.

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Jun 21, 2010
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Yeah...that eye pecking thing I why I thought I shouldnt let her sit there now. No harm in a LAP chicken though huh? I see them peck each others eye and think OUCH!


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Feb 25, 2011
This is my first batch of babies and I'm having a blast watching them. I sit out by the brooder with my camera,hoping to catch some of their antics but they move too fast for me!

Some of my favorite things:

The littlest chick (Iowa Blue) will try to turn and peck at his backside...and sometimes she somehow manages to do a backwards somersault and land on his feet again.

How they all start grouping against each other when I start to pull the cover off the brooder. It's like they are thinking "OH NO! IT'S THE HAND OF DOOOOOOOOOM......RUNNNNNNNNNN!"( I take them out twice a day to check their butts for pasting and to let the golden retriever momma snuggle with them, as well as the 10-year old daughter momma.

How they LOVE their thermometer in the brooder. They like to sleep on it.

How they LOVE the stuffed lion toy I put in the brooder for them. They snuggle up on it, under it and sometimes on top of it.

How they fall asleep standing up and then fall over.

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