What should I name my Easter Eggers???


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May 22, 2019
I am very particular about what names I name any animal..I like different and sometimes funny. Right now I have a white Old English Game Bantam named "Lu" (short for Little Ugly), a white silkie named "JJ", and a black silkie named "Black Betty" (after the song). JJ is raising 4 easter egger chicks and im lost on what to name them. You cant really see them in the pic well but they all look slightly different. There is:
Chick 1: has a lot of gold color around the neck and head and is the smallest... was thinking "Marigold"?
Chick 2: has a lot of tan/blonde around the head and neck
Chick 3: has a lot of black details and seems to be the most curious
Chick 4: has silver color around neck and tail

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