What snake is this skin from?


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Sep 2, 2018
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My Coop
Just when one of my ducks decided to hatch five ducklings, i come back home and find a snake-skin on my driveway:

The whole skin is about 1.4m long (4½ft). Is it even possible to identify a snake through a dry skin? @Magnolia Ducks - does that look like one of the rat-snakes you had? I am afraid
Looks non-venomous to me, a lot like a rat snake, so the only thing to fear is it eating your eggs. Where*is this at? I don't see "buttons" on its tail like a rattler of any kind...

Looks like a Buttermilk Racer. Could be a king snake. I have these Buttermilk racers and one left a 72 inch skin down by my pool. They are beneficial snakes. Mostly eat other venomous snakes but can constrict a small duckling. I try to leave them alone to eat the copperheads. They get really long. Don't be afraid,they are the good guys. Definitely not a rat snake.

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