what type of chic is this


9 Years
Jun 8, 2010
i think the bigger one is a araucana but not sure on the little one.got them free with our peacocks


any guesses it is very friendly an cute an if its free it's free it's for me.
The bigger one is a EE (Easter Egger) and the little one looks like a Silkie or a silkie cross..

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just got an email back from the guy who gave them to us he said they are both americanas that is all he had in that pen.that little one does look like a silkie maybe when it feathers out more will look different.
Those are Easter Eggers...Not Ameraucanas or Araucanas...Esp the big one with the green legs(big giveaway as an EE)... The guy that had them may have been misled if he bought the parent stock from a feed store originally... And feed stores get them from hatcheries which only sell EEs and label them as Ams and Aras. But no biggie tho if you just want some pretty eggs... You may get some pretty blue green eggs out of this and some beautiful birds... EE have such a diverse color range that they are really pretty.

ETA: Was looking again... Does the little one have 5 toes on its left foot?
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cool thanks for all the info i told debbie every on can have one colored in each dozen of brown ones.i will check his foot tomorrow does it mean anything if he has 5 toes.lol new name i guess
That little one is a silkie, or silkie cross. Black skin, extra toes, hookless feathers. Maybe the guy you got them from needs glasses or forgot what he has?

And I'm going to throw my bet into the pot right now that the EE (bigger chick) is a cockerel.
i was thinking that 2 if it has 5 toes does that mean its a silkie?i will go check now to put this to rest hahaha i think they are from different hatches so that my be why he is bigger.just got back in from coop an pause................................................he has 5 toes haha guess he is a silkie any guesses on what kind i know nothing about silkies.an checked the EE chick it looks like a hen lets hope will update for you lol
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