What were the folloing pigeon breeds- bred for?


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Feb 10, 2009
I`ve been considering a few pigeon breeds and I want to narrow it down to only a few breeds.I was wondering what were the following breeds bred for?

-Swallow pigeons
-West of England Pigeons
-English Trumpeter

Example(if you dont understand my question), racing pigeons were bred to race? Well, I think they were.lol.

but isn`t is common sense?Please clarify this if I`m wrong.Thanks in advance:lol:
All 4 of these breeds are breed now for show.

1. swallow for looks and show.
2. west of england. were flying tumblers, now for show.
3. english trumpeter, for their trumpeter noise they made, now for show.
4. Modena for food, now for show.

Racing pigeon were bred to carry messages, now for racing.
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swallows = conformation, feather and colour.
woe = shape, feathering and flying ability
trumpeters = weird cooing, feather
modena = colour, stance, originally flying breed flown by pigeon flyers (triganieres) to steal other flocks.

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