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Discussion in 'Geese' started by ducky 13, Nov 19, 2016.

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    So, for some reason my geese only lay eggs in autumn. So I decided I would take their eggs and incubate them. But I was wondering, why are they only laying in Fall? They are (supposed) to lay in February, but they don't....? Also, I was hoping people could give me advise on incubating pilgrim/embden/toulouse eggs. I know the info, just I wanted to make sure I could get a baby. I try to keep the humidity around 70% but sometimes it goes to 60% and my dad said it had bumped to 100% at one point. I use my chicken eggs turners to turn them, believe it or not I managed to fir about six eggs in those turners. Anymore advise? I have a towel over the incubator as well.
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    @Iain Utah can probably give you advise on hatching in an incubator .. Hopefully she'll check in.
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    Nov 18, 2016
    I just popped mine in at 37.4, candled them every few days and kept water in it. We weren't even sure if they were fertilised until I saw the embryo, so I didn't obsess over it and it all went smoothly until one hatched heaps earlier than the other and I had to take him out while she was pipped. :/
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    So far i see one developing... at first I thought it got stuck to the shell because of how close to the shell it was, then it kept growing so -shrugs-. Anyway, I keep the temp around 100 degrees because I can never get it at 99.5 perfectly. I filled the water wells and soaked a towel beneath to help the humidity as well as a wet washcloth, and it hasn't bumped it more than 65% -_-

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