What's the longest your new layer has gone between their first eggs?

Ruby Rogue

Mar 31, 2020
Atlantic Canada
I have 4 pullets of laying age. About 2 weeks ago, I found a little white poopy egg on the ground in the run. Daily for the past 3 weeks, I get 3 light brownish/pink eggs per day. Every one was laid nicely in the box for me. I'm pretty sure she isn't hiding eggs on me, so I will guess for some chickens it's normal.


Jun 21, 2020
Lol I did the same - I started yelling at her across the yard to "JUST LAY AN EGG". 😆 She was not amused.

Maybe they pop the first one out, and they're like, 'that was uncomfortable, not doing that again!'
On of My chickens refuses to let anything get in her way- hawk? Nope! Bobcat? Nope! Weasel? Nope! Racoon? Nope! 4 Broken soft egg shells/Egg-bound 4 times? Nope! Sour Crop? Nope! She is to spunky for this world! She will never admit defeat, and I still love her even if she will never lay another egg- her flock mates on the other hand are the only two current layers (i have 4 pullets who haven’t started) and they won’t lay for a few days and it drives me crazy!


Feb 28, 2020
SE Wisconsin
A month and she's STILL holding out on me. Her faverolles sister is a rockstar and has given me an egg a day for 11 days now. The other Faverolles just started this week and gave me her second this morning. I explained to her yesterday that australorps are supposed to be the rock star layers and she is letting down her breed. She is not ashamed.

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