Whats the usual Wyandotte Rooster behavior?


9 Years
Apr 25, 2010
Northern WI
I might be getting some Wyandottes, But I was wondering whats you experience with the roosters, I know that all rooster act different But whats your experience.
I might be getting blue and Red laced blue or Something like that.
My hatchery Wyandotte Stan was an aggressive scrapper, always trying to flog me and he was pretty hard on the hens, too, wearing all the feathers off their backs. I've heard that Wyandottes can be a tad aggressive. Some of my Wyandotte hens are also on the aggressive side. I have a GLW hen who, when she goes broody, you do NOT want to mess with her.
I had a hatchery SLW roo that we named Chloe. He compensated for his girly name by being a super jerk. He would only attack us from behind and never learned his lesson whether we flapped and crowed at him, (I'm sure the neighbors LOVED watching that) carried him around and loved on him, or whacked him on the butt with a yard stick. These were approaches we used for months at a time, mind you. Once I realized that my girls were the ones who were really suffering I decided to let him go to Farmer Dan with no questions asked. I like to tell myself he is living on a grand farm somewhere with a bigger rooster to keep him in line.

My girls were nine months old when he left. They both laid their first eggs two week later. I guess it's hard to lay an egg when you are cowering on a roost in terror.

That being said, I have heard of Wyandotte roosters that were sweeties, but they seemed to come from breeder stock instead of a hatchery. I want to replace him but plan on taking the time to get just the right one.

Good Luck!
Wow thanks guys. I won this auction on ebay for 12 eggs, 6 blue wyandottes and 6 red laced blue wyandottes. I thought the blue ones where just stunning I love how the rooster looks, Well I might second doubt that im keeping a rooster of his kind, Tho thanks
There is a pumpkin farm here in my area that had a SLW roo that was so sweet, kids could pick him up and have their pictures made with him. He came from The Poultry House here in Franklin, which is where I bought my 8 SLW's from. They are breeders and breed for calm, non agressive, good egg laying birds with the best confirmation and feathers they can get. They don't single out any one quality (egg laying, feather lacing, etc) but go for well rounded birds. I like that their chicks are already eating and drinking well and are several days old, instead of 1 day olds that are shipped. If there are any weak or sickly birds in the hatch, they have already been culled before you buy them. An added bonus is that you can get sexed chicks. I bought 7 girls and 1 boy. Can't wait to see how they turn out!
It all depends on the bird. I had three hatchery SLW, and two went to freezer camp early because of aggression (a big no-no since my 3 y/o "helps" with the chickens). The last I still have, only because he's too messed up and handicapped to do much, but he still gives a stink eye all the time. I don't think he can even flog if he had to.

I'd ask the breeder how her roos act
I have had 2 SLW roos that have been totally backwards. I hate to judge the breed by these two but it sure did seem strange to have both turn out to be horrible roosters. the first one we had was bought from a farm before he got too old, so we arnt sure of his past but he was just awful. he flogged people, hard, with intent to kill. he would start on the ground flogging your feet and if you didnt turn and run he would start climbing things to try and get at your face! he once pinned a chicken owning friend of ours and sliced up her arms! we didnt beat him or chase him or anything to bring this on, it was just who he was. he would fight us tooth and nail but when it came to the real predators he didn’t even care. I once walked into the coop and found a hawk eating one of his hens RIGHT NEXT TO HIM. Finally we got rid of him, some crazy chicken man wanted to breed him (I call him crazy because no one should reproduce such an awful rooster! but it wasnt safe to collect eggs and we needed rid of him).

then we bought some chicks and raised them, found a rooster on craigslist for 10 bucks. Awesome rooster!! does his job! keeps the hens in line, feeds them and makes sure they all get back to the coop safely. this spring we got more chicks from Tractor supply. Im realizing this may have been our problem now that i have read the above posts. we raised each chick by hand, being carful to be kind and everything. we ended up with 3 roosters, one of them being a SLW. he was fine at first, but as he got big he started challenging our oldest rooster. our neighbors were looking to start raising chickens so we gave him away to live with three other SLW hens, he would be the only man in the coop! after just 2 weeks they had to separate the females from him because he was fighting with them and starving them! im not kidding! any time they would go to eat he would kick at their faces, grab their neck feathers and pull out their tail feathers. finally the hens stopped trying to eat and then stopped laying... so right now he is sitting in a cage waiting for processing. I dont understand how a rooster could be so backwards. could this be the results of irresponsible breeding?

Im glad to hear not all SLW roos are as crazy as these two. but I think i will stay clear of them. our others roosters are growing up nicely with our oldest we bought on craigslist. they all respect him. I trust his judge of character! Good Luck!

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