whats wrong with this chickens leg? dislocated? *Pics included*


8 Years
May 24, 2011
Hi, I noticed a about two weeks ago that one of my chickens who is just over a year old was stumbling, and limping around. I took a closer look at her and I couldn't see any broken leg or dislocation of any sort but did realise that she had really bad scaly leg. I then treated her and the whole flock to cure the scaly leg. I kept this chicken separate as she started to get pecked by the others, maybe because of the scaly leg problem. she recovered well and was walking and eating much more than she was before but now the other day while giving the chicken her feed I saw a scab on her back, and when I looked at it I could see that her leg was sticking up so to speak through her back and is scabbed up and weeping some greenish/yellowish liquid. I think it may be dislocated but she is able to raise it and put weight on it but only for a few seconds/minutes at a time. Thanks for any help you can offer.

here are the pics

well it seems I cant post any pics as i am a new member
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I would cull her. She likely has an infection in the bone or joint of that leg. Bone infections are very difficult to treat even in optimal conditions with IV antibiotics at hand. I think the chances of her surviving are pretty slim.


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