Wheezing or choking?


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May 8, 2018
Hi! My molting andalusian starting making weird cat-like noises, and is opening her mouth. Is her airway blocked? Does this sound like a sick bird? She is eating and drinking, but the sun is starting to go down which is whybI think she is inside. Feedback appreciated. Video link attached.

She could be having stridor which is a high pitched wheezing sound that is heard both when air comes in and goes out. Stridor happens when there is swelling, mucus, or a piece of food in the airway (trachea.) Somes times they will also cough, and swallow mucus that comes up. She might be getting a respiratory virus, such as bronchitis or bacterial disease, such as MG. MG usually causes watery or foamy eyes. Here is a video where stridor can be heard with each breath with the occasional sneeze or snick:
If it is mucus or food, she can cough it up. If it is swelling of her airway, hopefully, she will get better after a few weeks. Just keep a close eye on her. If she becomes very congested, and starts having more trouble, you may want to start some Tylan 50, an antibiotic that can treat respiratory diseases such as MG.
I tend to leave a chicken with it’s flock unless it is getting picked on because they have all been exposed, and they get upset when alone. If you need to medicated her with antibiotics and you don’t want the others drinking it, you may separte her in a dog crate inside the coop with them. But if you use Tylan50 injectable, it can be given orally 2-3 times a day. Dosage is 1/4 ml per pound.

Is your hen sneezing as well? I wouldn’t use the antibiotic unless you see bubbles or foam in the eye, eye swelling, or if she is very lethargic. Viruses do not respond to antibiotics anyway.
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She is molting, so I am not sure if she is getting super picked on or not. I thought it best to err on the side caution. We started tylan, and I gave her elecrolytes mixed with vetrx water. Food is being eaten a little, and poo looks normal. Thanks for replying!!
Molting is a time of stress where illnesses can occur. Mine tend to be more standoffish, don’t eat as well, and do not move around as much. Let us know how your chicken gets along.

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