When Can I Start Putting Training Eggs in the Nest Boxes?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by CalBickieMomma, Sep 8, 2019.

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    @Lizzy , better make a new thread if you have a new question.

    The chickens will lay there eggs with or withouth example. But its easyer for the owner if the chickens lay eggs where you want then. A ceramic egg (e.g.) is very good help. But no garantee with starters an chickens that free range.
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    Fake eggs will not make a hen go clucky/broody.
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    I think the most obvious purpose, beside showing a hen where to put her eggs, is to teach them that eggs are indestructible and to not even bother trying to explore or eat them.

    A few packs on a ceramic egg and nothing to show for it (but perhaps a bent beak or a headache), is a great disincentive to keep chickens from eating their own eggs.

    That way even eggs broadcast (layed) in common areas should be safe from self-predation of the brood's collective eggs.

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    Not needed, but helpful!
    My gals were all laying when we added some new hens this spring. Not long ago the younger girls began laying and laying wherever they felt like!
    We added ceramic eggs into some boxes not normally used and presto!
    The younger gals are laying in the boxes with training eggs.
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    i put golf balls in as soon as I opened the boxes (about 3m), they would walk in and look around but when they started testing the golf balls (pushing them around) a couple months later, next week they started laying.
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    I put fake eggs in my nest boxes at week 18. A few days later, my ISA Brown started laying eggs in the nest boxes. So I guess I am a genius in timing that one! I have 3 nest boxes and put 2 fake eggs in each nest. The only girls I have seen in the nest boxes are those actually laying eggs. Of course, the other girls may be checking out the nest boxes when I am not around - which is most of the time of course.

    My nest boxes are removable, so I did not even have any nest boxes in the coop until week 18. Again, my timing was lucky. I held off putting the nest boxes in the coop because I did not want any girls sleeping in them. Fortunately, they all are used to sleeping on their high roost and the lower nest boxes are of no interest to them for sleeping. Good luck with your girls and be sure to post a notice when you get that first egg. Best wishes.
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    Jun 17, 2019
    This is terrific advice! I’ve been having this issue a lot lately and wondering what to do. Many thanks.
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    They love nesting boxes. It is best to have one box for every 2 chickens.
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    I have silkies and sometime they want the same box and I have seem share and both lay in the same box.
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    I have four nesting boxes and plan to have 9-11 hens in there (probably 9 because I will most likely put my two Polish in the side coop with one of my little bantam mix roos because the cockerel they're with now is a Buff Orpington and I'm afraid his size will hurt them once they're mature).

    I always read it was good to have one box for every 3-4 hens. I guess I'll have to keep an eye on them once they actually start laying to see if anyone picks someplace on the ground instead of the nice, curtained boxes ;).
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