when is the sex of the chicken decided


8 Years
Aug 31, 2011
does anyone know or can hazard a guess when the sex of the baby chick is decided. does certain chickens lay more male chicken eggs, or is the sex of the baby chick made by the heat of the incubator. i have thought about this many times and would love to know the answer. anyone want to hazard a guess.
I would guess that certain individuals may tend to have more of one sex than the other, because of the number of genes they carry to determine the sex. Again - that's only a guess.

Pretty sure you can't "make her" decide to want pullets over cockerels. Although if you do figure that out, please share with us how you did it. You could make a fortune selling that secret!
There have been studies done investigating whether the temperature of the incubator plays a part, but none have found it to be so. The sex of the offspring is determined before incubation ever begins. Some have theorized that certain incubator temperatures will cause a higher rate of mortality in male chicks. Again, that isn't the case in studies done.
so it's the hen that decides. it would be great if we could get the hens to produce female chickens. it's the same in humans if you want a girl you have to lie with your legs up in the air after sex, i wonder if i could get my chickens to do that. :lau

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