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Apr 19, 2019
North Carolina
I have 4 Seven week old chicks, 2 six month pullets 6 2-6 day old chicks that momma hen hatched. I need to integrate the 7 week olds with the rest of the flock. When should this be done, and how?

I only have one run with 2 coops attached.
Have you heard of the panic room system? It requires a sectioned off space until the chicks are around three months old. The chicks will spend a few days during the day time in the safe area so they can observe and be observed by the older chickens.

Then you open chick size openings in the enclosure so they can go and come at will. Food and water remain inside the enclosure so they don't have to compete for these.

I and many others here raise our chicks along side the adults from day one, and at two weeks, the chicks are safely mingling with the adults.

For more details, please read this. https://www.backyardchickens.com/ar...and-start-raising-your-chicks-outdoors.71995/
Not yet, but I do have some fencing that will work. I did that when I added in 3 hens previously when my pullets were much smaller.

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