Where is the best place to order silkie chicks?

I will have eggs to ship in a month or 2. I have a frizzled roo in with 3 silkie hens, one splash and 2 black. I will also have a splash roo and a blue roo and splash and blue hens and will have eggs from them next spring. They are all from local breeders and are very good quality.
Thanks, guys!! These are just for pets, and I love blue but am not set on any particular color.

I love that place in Goldsboro, but they're three hours from me and minimum order is 25! I really only need a few... in fact, I was considering Ideal specifically because I can order fewer than 10. Anyone have experience with that?

I'll check out the auctions pages too. Thanks!
My silkies from Ideal were great. I ordered an assortment and ended up with a blue splash. She is one of my favorites!!
Thanks, guys! I'm tempted by eggs, but I don't have the patience to deal with shipped eggs.
Also, I would like to have them soon so they'll be feathered before it gets very cold. I plan to brood them indoors until they get their first feathers, and then I have wire brooders outdoors where they'll grow out.

I think I'm going to order with Ideal. My husband actually seems on board with the idea. Maybe I'll even order tonight... I told him I'd sell my magpie ducks first but... they're listed for sale, and that's almost as good, right??

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