Where to buy low number chicks?

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  1. I am looking to get 6 or fewer chicks that are good egg layers, preferably EEs or Ameraucanas. My TSC won't let me special order anything less than 25, and while I've emailed a hatchery a ways away, I'm wondering if you all have places to recommend?


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    charge a lot for shipping, but you can mix and choose breeds as long as they have the same shipping date in lots as small as three. Some, like silkies, have minimum orders. I have had very good luck with this company.
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    Are there any other feed stores near you that are having chick days? When we went to the hardware store a few weeks ago there was a hatchery set up and they had several different breeds and no minimum on chicks.

    Also Cackle has specials for smaller orders. You have to have at least 5 chicks. Look for the city/town specials or the small order specials http://www.cacklehatchery.com
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    I ordered 6 from Meyer Hatchery. They are coming in June. The shipping was a lot but its worth it because I wanted a specific breeds of chicks. You could also check out your local TSC or feedstore. My TSC has a minimum of six chicks, but it may be more/less depending on where you live. Hope this helps. [​IMG]
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    I'm not sure where you live.

    My local Family Farm and Home store carry those and do not have a minimum limit.
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    Feb 4, 2011
    SE Idaho
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    My Pet chicken gets there chicks from Meyer Hatchery and you'll save ALOT more money ordering from Meyer [​IMG]
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    I recommend mypetchicken.com also. It claims to ship a very low number, but because my area is remote, I needed to get 8, which was still good for me compared to say, 20. And remember the likelihood of a runt or sickly one or two that may die in transit or soon after arrival. So my 8 became 7, because one did die. The are more expensive than others, but I got excellent and informative customer service who helped me a great deal, and so for me it was worth it. Good luck!
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    N&MSchroeder :


    X 3 Loved ordering with them. Can order as few as 3-5.​
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    do you live

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