Where to buy Organic Chicken Feed?

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    Quote:Love Scratch and Peck feed. It is pretty powdery though, so my girls only want to eat the peas and corn, etc, that is bigger grains. So we mix the powder up with yogurt or cottage cheese and the girls get all the vitamins and protein that is in the finer part.
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    Aug 30, 2009
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    Yeah! Thank you guys!

    Please keep updating me with more. Thanks!
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    Quote:Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for the complete addresses. That made it really easy to add. No detective work! However, even if someone only has a feed store name and city I am appreciative, and links are great! Thanks!
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    I found organic Startr/Grower/Layer feed , Organic Pride,
    manufactured by Heartland Country Co-op 405 S. Main Street, Westby, WI 54667
    (Organic Pide = Land O'Lakes Purina Feed LLC)

    at Mounds Petfood Warehouse, here are the 5 WI store locations...

    2110 S. Stoughton Rd.

    8311 University Ave.

    5350 King James Way

    1725 Lodge Dr.

    2422 Montana Ave.
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    Aug 5, 2009
    Middleton, WI
    Here is another store in Madison, WI that sells organic chicken food:

    Nutzy Mutz & Crazy Catz
    555 S Midvale Blvd
    Madison, WI 53711
    608.233.2287 (CATS)

    They do deliver, not sure where in town.
    The feed comes from Frank Organic in Jefferson, WI (and it comes straight from a local mill in Cashton, WI)

    Great idea to make a list!!!!!
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    Quote:Hey! That's the feed store featured in the Mad City Chickens movie!

    Thanks for the excellent detailed additions to the list!
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    If you are ever in Vegas, it is $22.95 at the IFA store at:

    3176 West Martin Avenue
    Las Vegas, NV 89118-4505
    (702) 837-1755

    They started carrying it when I requested to have it special ordered. If you have a local store that carries Purina feeds they can easily add it for you because it comes on the same truck. (Love your garden btw)
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    Quote:Thank you! I had no organic chicken feed listing for Nevada.
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    Someone in another thread got ME searching for more out there, due to my lack of Texas listings. I added a whole bunch of Austin, Texas area listings and one in Dallas.

    Here is one that was really hard to find. I like this one particularly because it is a garden center instead of a feed store, and I am a gardener. Hee, Hee. [​IMG]

    North Haven Gardens
    7700 Northaven Road
    Dallas, TX
    Website: www.nhg.com

    Anymore other listings for me add?

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