Where to get hatching eggs?

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    Aye, I've been trying to get some rarer breeds and have decided the best option is probably to hatch them in my incubator. I have some local breeders I've been communicating with but how do I know (or can I know) if they are are actually fertile and not just selling me regular store-bought eggs?

    As I general rule, I try not ship animals very far. However, I would consider eggs to be safe as they can't necessarily walk around yet. Do you get eggs on sites like Ebay and check reviews or is there like a reputable online breeder list?

    Any relevant advice is welcome! :clap
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    I check my fertility via my own incubation before selling any hatching eggs... my word is all I have and word of mouth spreads. Ask then how they verify and what their % of fertility is. Ask questions about their breed and when they last added new member to their flock. Any vagueness... RUN. If they don't know the standard of perfection or other details.. like they call it Maran and not Marans... (always said with an S whether single or plural) or they say Americana and have no specific color attached (Ameraucana breeders ALWAYS have their colors stated)... those are clues. Also to me... having to pay more at a hatchery doesn't mean "rare" breed to me. Marans are everywhere these day as are Swedish Flower and many others. Most birds aren't as good in person as they are on paper.

    No I don't do ebay... too many shady folks for ME. And shipped eggs have lower hatch rates. Don't buy ANYTHING from California... as so cal is currently under New Castle Virus quarantine.

    Hatching eggs are safer than chicks or adult birds in that they can't carry Marek's but there are some things that do pass to the embryo. Generally buying from an NPIP certified breeder will be your best bet.

    Ask what qualities they select for or do they cull for any faults in their parent stock like split wing, comb sprigs, eye color, laying ability, growth rate, carcass size, or what have you. Even people who cull hard in their parent stock won't produce 100% breeder or show quality stock. So regardless of buying from a breeder or hatchery you still have to select for the quality YOU want. Attitude matters and breeds forward.

    Get familiar with the breeds you are interested in. The more familiar you are less chance of scamming. My first alleged Swedish Flower chicks from a "local breeder" were $20 each straight run... mixed breed chicks! Maybe the best $60 lesson I ever got. Now I know the questions to ask.

    The next set of actual SFH I got for $5 each from another local... but the conversation was clearly different. They openly talked about their interest in the breed and where they came from and such.

    Happy chickeneering! :wee

    ETA: some people will check fertility by cracking open and looking to see if it's a blastodisc or blastoderm on the yolk... bulls eye is fertile, polka dot is not.
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    If you mention where you live, you might find some local people here on BYC...
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    I would start with your state NPIP list (usually available online), then go through the list and see if any of those breeders have what you want. Compare the best looking parents at the price point you can afford. Ask lots of questions about where their stock came from. A good breeder will be able to tell you which lines and how they breed for SOP (Standard of Perfection).
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