Jun 2, 2019
Hi there! We have two generations of khaki ducks, now all at mating age. In the flock, there are three females and three drakes so it’s time to cull and pick one to keep for future incubation.

We have one drake who we got from a farm along with two other females, all of which are just over one year old this year. He has beautiful colouring.

We incubated his offspring, and have two more drakes, one of which has a bit of a leg issue that we corrected at hatching but that is sometimes evident as he is slower and more awkward than the others. He has also been the biggest bully since combining the two flocks, even though he has been the most easy duck to handle and pick up! The other drake is also beautifully coloured and fights with his father.

So my question relates to lineage and breeding - am I better off keeping the oldest drake who is the parent of only one female, the youngest drake who is sibling to one and son to another or the one who has a leg issue because he’s dominating at the moment (although he has never mounted the females)? Does the slight lameness matter? Can he pass it on? Will we get better ducklings by keeping the oldest male since he has the least relation to females in the flock?


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