which one would u pick?

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Aug 6, 2008
Kenai, Alaska
If everyone could only have one kind/breed of chicken what would u pick? why(reason)?
I wanted good winter birds(winter in AK), great meat/egg providers, friendly, that sort of thing.

It's pretty hard to pick huh?
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And the SUNSHINE color heartens you...
although, I do like Wyandottes, for their small comb/wattles in Alaska and there are varieties in feather colors, too...
and... LOL, Its very hard to choose...I am finding the banties are not such "Thanksgiving Holiday eaters" aka piggies w/feed so was thinking about this last night while scooping dog poop, the way to go would be bantams of a favorite breed unless you love a picturesque colorful flock in your yard, then go for a variety of bantams...

I'm going to lean toward someday in my old age, having (AHEM, can I do this???) one flock of BLRW Bantams and my flock of geese. Some day. They are beautiful, they would eat less than my favorite large, very large Standards, they are broody and great mothers, if you have a good roo, you can trust he works hard for his flock and yourself work less, and they'll be plump for eating, they replenish their numbers...they are good company...
For LOOKS I like the Salmon Faverolles best, but in picking one breed, it would have to be Welsummers. I also like how they look, their personality, good egg layers and the color of eggs etc. etc. etc.
I would have to agree with pixiechick, I would pick EEs.

I have about 18 different breeds of chickens so far and the EEs are colorful, hardy and go about their own business without the whole pecking order thing. Mine don't chase other the chickens or make a lot of noise. The green/blue eggs are an added bonus.

A very close second would be standard Cochins.
I'd have to say Buff Orpingtons too. We have the orpington, 2 wyandottes, an EE and an auracana and the buff is the only mellow one in the bunch. The EE is crazy and wild as the day is long. The only concern I have for Miss Peeps (the buff) is that she has a full-sized comb and wattle, where all the others are smaller.

You are probably going to order from Triple D Hatchery, in Wasilla, and both of the EE's I got were not nice (gave one away due to eye pecking that wouldn't stop) and very wild. The wyandottes are extremely skittish and hard to coral too. My next choice would be the Auracana - although my daughter hates her b/c she pecked her.

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