White Crested Black Roost attacked


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Apr 4, 2013
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My White Crested Black Roost tried to attack me this morning. He jumped at me once and I got out of his way. The second attack he jumped and his feet and wings coming at me. I kicked him and caught him in mid-air. He hit the wall and from there he went out of the coop. I continued my chores and when I was about to leave I went around the outside the coop to see him standing there with his tail feathers drooping. I felt sorry for him because he is usually quite cocky. He was not making a sound and looked at me as if he was scared but did not move. Did I do the right thing or should I be ashamed of myself?
Please advise.
You did the right thing.
His feelings are hurt and, hopefully, he won't do that again.
However, if he continues, send him to a spa vacation with his own sauna filled with nice fresh vegetables and herbs.
I do hope I did the right thing. He sees me know and he leaves the coop. Yeah, just like a sulking man. The sad thing we just gave away 2 other roosters. We kept this one for his good looks. The people that took our other 2 roosters say the one is just wonderful with the hens and they love him too. GREAT!
He should avoid you and move away when you walk toward him, this is him showing your dominance. It's perfectly normal, it's how my junior roos act around my alpha. They stay well out of his way (mine too) and life is good. Chickens don't "like" people, so don't go thinking things like that. He's showing you respect, that's a good thing.

just watch for the "turn your back and get the back of your legs flogged" sneak attack--it's pretty popular.
schoenherr, all the advise you've been getting is spot-on. I have a Golden Laced Cochin rooster in with some hens and he USED TO try to attack me. I made a 'Rooster Stick' out of a good sturdy branch, wrapped & tied a feed bag around the stick and left about 1/3 of it hanging past the end of the stick. Fold that back over the stick slightly loose and tie it off securely. If he comes at you you can poke the crap out of him without hurting him (just his pride! lol), or if he gets really ugly you can also whack the **** out of him. These days that Cochin acts like he'll kill me when I'm outside the pen, but as soon as I open the gate he heads to his furthest corner and waits until I leave. That's a good boy. LOL He was like that when I got him/the flock. :( Otherwise he's really too good a roo to get rid of. Good luck with him, and don't put up with it for a minute. Make sure he walks away (runs away) from you before you leave the pen. GGGGRRRRRRRR :D LOL

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