White egg?


Jul 12, 2019
I have been getting cream to tanish eggs from my silkies. But suddenly, even though I was out there with them, I was chasing around one of my chickens and came upon this white egg in the coop.

Did one of my other hens lay this or is it possible that my silkies laid this?

I had an egg from when we started.

I have a mixed flock of silkies, Buff orpingtons, black australorps, Golden laced Wyandottes, and a possible olive egger (we aren't sure yet)

Here is the egg with and without the one from earlier in the day.


Also, I do know that they all basically lay the same colored eggs. But the the rest are younger then my silkies. I just didnt think silkies could lay white eggs. I know cream. But this looks very white to me.

Silkies are actually supposed to lay white eggs.

All I found are cream or tinted. And thats all i have been getting til today.
I know sometimes the egg color can just be different but this egg didnt seem right. It seemed completely different from what I wad getting

Heres an older pic to. That one on right seemed white to me but compared to my newest my newest is like bright white and way bigger. You cant tell but its just slightly colored diff.
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I am just wondering if one of my other hens that are younger maybe started laying?

I didnt see them cuddle today. The buff orpington I doubt is laying yet though. Shes still small.
But theres an older looking one who doesnt cuddle who I am pretty sure is a hen who could of laid.

I dont know these guys age btw. They were given to me for free from a friend. I didnt raise these ones up.
I just know how long ago I got them.


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