Whiting True Blue & Green Questions

Thank you for replying @alexisrambles
I ended up with one of each, after reading more. The concern is being confined & flighty. My Chicken House is 8x12x7, yard is fenced but the neighbor has alot of loose dogs, don't want to take the chance of anyone flying over to check if the grass is greener on the other side. I love Orpingtons, Wyandottes come second but not the broodiness. So thought I'd try something different. I've eyed them for a bit but I can't accommodate 15, when a friend of mine ordered and offered, I jumped. Selected one of each plus 2 Polish. Hoping it all works out.

Have yours laid yet? Have read few have been disappointed in the egg coloring, not the "blue" they were expecting. At this point I don't care, just hoping its a pullet & not skittish, bully & flighty as I been reading.

I was understanding the WTB with pea comb & variety of colors ... WTG has straight comb while reddish in coloring & eyeliner. The ones I chose the pea comb (back, left) has the eyeliner & dark coloring. The straight comb (front, right) has a slight liner & tannish/gold. Have you any comments on that, trying to figure which is which ...

2019 Chickens - 08 Polish:Whiting 10wks (3).jpg
Hmmmmm haven't looked at the combs on mine really. Except for the friendly one--she has a straight comb and is red. I have two reddish with liner. Pretty girls. I wouldn't say they're excessively flighty tbh. When I let them out to free range they don't fly more than the others. I notice they like roosting high more than the others though. They climb up more than fly though. Mine are 3 months so no eggs yet. I had 3 of each but two died and I'm not sure which they were. I guess I'll see lol. Here are some pics of mine!
@alexisrambles Thank you for sharing pic, they are pretty. In the last pic, looks like you got 2 pea and 1 single (front). If you remember & don't mind, let me know what & who lays what ... I've got a "long" way to go, the chicks will be 4wks next Monday
Yup I think you've got the numbers straight! So far my WTG is my only hen out of 11 that's laying lol. I wish I had more of her!

Don't worry too much about that 3rd one yet. My WTG that's laying has had a huge comb and wattles since about that age. I find the WTG develop really early on average. My WTB however still don't have any wattles.
Thanks for the update on your Whitings progress. Another person on the other side of the island says his WTB is laying "white" eggs :( The friend I got these from, is keeping the remainder of the Whitings, until they start laying. She's got 3WTB & 2WTG and her mystery chick from McMurray looking to be an Ameraucana.

Mine LOVE to jump up on my back/head to hitch a ride. They are flightier than I like but that's why they'll remain confined. They are the first ever not interested in mealworms, shocked. Not the easiest to catch but will come up to me when I have a hand out of egg yolk/scrambled egg, they turn into Vultures. Don't like when the dogs next door start fighting through the kennels, they run for their "house" in the mobile run.

All in all they're working for me, like the variety in colors and interested to see their egg colors. IF/When I change these girls out, I'm going back to "regular" chickens. Orpingtons are still my favorite and I'm limited to 4 of them due to size.

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