Who came first? The chicken or the people who abuse them?


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Mar 26, 2018
About me...I randomly got into chickens when I rescued a buff orpington hen from a local stables. She had been run over by a tractor and had a broken leg. They were going to kill her. (Call it cull if you like but changing two letters doesn't change the deed.)

A simple leg cast by my local vet, and 9 weeks in a box on my kitchen floor left this hen totally healed, and not laying eggs (how dare she.) She was all better, and...I was in love.

Mind you, I don't extend my heart that easily, but as I watched this hen bond with "her" cat, mother two new rescued chicks, seek out human interaction just for the sake of company, and mourn the loss of a new best friend (an abused rescue), I had my eyes opened in a profound way. I found myself on a path of really wanting to understand this beautiful, fragile species, and I wanted to better categorize how humans have come to perceive and exploit them.

My journey has been extraordinary. I now understand multiple disease processes, how humans have contributed to them, and how intelligent this species really is. I've also become mortified by humanities' seeming incapacity to extend compassion to a creature every bit as intelligent, clever, and beautiful as a dog or cat.

So here I am, to have, openly, a conversation about this journey. It has been imperfect at best, but I would trade it for nothing and invite you to join me.

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