who has children?


7 Years
Sep 16, 2012
del valle, tx
my son and I.
he will be three this coming morning on april 17th. For his birthday he got some cars, bouncy ball, and he wanted glowfish. Now he is in san antonio to go to seaworld with his memom and auntie.. he was 6 pounds even when born. I was 19.
I have a 14 month old daughter, and 4 new baby chicks! as my hubby put it Im in deep crap now! XD

with daddy in the morning (im on sole baby duty at night so i get to somewhat sleep in)
Awww, I had my first when I was 19 too, Therry -- and she is two months from graduating high school, will be 18 in July and has been accepted to Purdue with a full ROTC scholarship - so eventually (after pre-reqs and Vet school) will be an officer in the ARMY Vet Corps --- and it seems like only yesterday she was born.
My DS, my *baby*, turned 13 last month and will be in entering the 8th grade in the fall. He's my little (not so little anymore) creator/artist.
They grow up WAY too fast, so enjoy each and every moment of your little one being little!

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