Who orders vegetable seeds through the mail?


11 Years
Mar 29, 2008
South of KCMO
Who orders their seeds through the mail and where do you order yours? I have a few seed catalogs like Park, Burpee, Territorial. Who's your favorite? Is there one that offers free shipping?
there are many great organic and heirloom seeds places out there. It's great to grow heirlooms because you are helping to save the variety, plus many of them have superb flavor! My favorites are Botanical Interests, Renee's Garden, Seed Savers, and Cherry Gal.... but there are plenty of others. I highly suggest all of those. They have more variety than you could ever use!
I use parks and have not had a problem except for stuff being on back order for about 2 months now. I like ordering off the internet because you have more choices on the seeds and they are fresher then the ones you get in the stores (I guess)
I tried the Urban Faremer for some this year www.ufseeds.com
I have ordered from Burpee (and liked!) and this year from Park also.
Hoping the ground starts to thaw quickly!

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