Who rules your roost? I wanna see pics of your top hen/roo. :)


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Mar 4, 2010
Southeast Missouri
I want to see pics of everyones top chick in their coops.
Mine is a little cochin who I got from a friend last year in June. I'm not sure how old she is but I do know that the entire mix is around the same age. There are SLW, RIR, Barred Rocks, Silkies and her all together at the moment. She decides who eats when and who gets the best dusting space under my lilac bush. She's so bossy but she is also my most flighty bird.
I had to basically chase her around the yard to get the pics I did. The only way I can catch her to wash off her bottom occasionally is to do it in either the very early morning hours or after they have all gone to bed at night.

So...who rules the roost with you? Come on guys I know you have some amazing pics for me!

Here she is checking out my bags of mulch and wood next to the baby coop for my next project.

I tried to be sneaky and catch a pic of her while leaning over the top bar of the little transition coop I use when moving babies out but she caught me.
I can't win.

Here she is checking out the baby coop. There is a little lesson in the white powder thrown up on that wall too. It's DE i was trying to work into the shavings in the transition coop. Needless to say do NOT try to put out DE when it's windy outside and you live in the middle of a flat plain.
The walls on both side of the inner area open up and eventually I ended up standing on one side, closing the opposite door and just throwing handfulls inside to be worked in with a rake. Needless to say I missed a few times. I think I had more on me than in the bedding. By the time I came back inside DH took one look at me and busted out laughing. Dark blue jeans and a black shirt only showed it off worse.


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May 1, 2013
Don't have pics, but I have three different pens of chickens. In the main coop, the top hen varies. My bantams can be quite assertive especially when they are broody. I'd say my Columbian Plymouth Rock x RIR hen. In the two smaller pens, the ruler hens are a White Leghorn and a tiny fierce Black Ameraucana.


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Dec 31, 2013
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This is my top hen Polly, she is a pekin Bantam. She is the bravest, bossiest, greediest hen I have owned and her leadership has never been in doubt despite being the smallest at just 750g. She tolerates daily cuddles very sweetly but I'm not sure she enjoys it as much as some of the others do.


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Oct 31, 2008
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My Coop
Polly is one adorable bossy hen. And the bossy little Cochin is awfully cute, too.

My big Cochins were not at the top of the hen pecking order in the mixed flock. But now my oldest Blue Cochin, Sophie, is the only one left of that original flock, and I put a little rooster named Nestor in her coop to keep her company. She lets him think he is in charge, but deep down Nestor knows that Sophie is the boss.

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Mar 22, 2011
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My Coop
I have a amberlink and a sexlink. Those would be my top hens and my silkie im trying to get rid of its always at the bottom even my serama roo is above her.

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