Why am I losing so many chicks :(


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Oct 1, 2009
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This is my entire flocks first breeding season ( abd mine too). I have 2 seperate little coops for my broody hens. One a partridge silkie hen that was sitting forever. She hatched 2 chicks succesfully. all the chicks after that seemed weak. So I brought them inside and put them in my brooder. I had a splash and a partridge chicks, both seemed ok for a few days and then died. I now have another splash chick inside right now. He seems ok for now.

In my other coop I have my other partridge hen who hatched a buff chick. She is also in their with my cross hen who is doing all the sitting. She hatched a black chick this morning, I cleaned my run and checked in on them and I believe the partridge hen killed him.

I am really discouraged with this. Could it be that its their first breeding season?
No, no blood but I did see her peck him a couple times, but I thought she was picking at the shavings on him.

I got my entire flock from 2 people. One is my friend who hatched her own chicks, and I know her flock is healthy, but I dont know were they came from, so I guess I dont know alot genetically.
Most of my flock came a breeder I drove out to. My friend got her geese from her. All of her flock she sells is from her chickens that she picks and breeds specifically to breed the best she can. But again genetically I dont know alot. She did have beautiful birds and they were clean and healthy.

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