Why I have come to trust BYC.


6 Years
Sep 2, 2013
Lake Elsinore, CA.
Has anyone noticed when surfing the web about anything chicken, that the best results (in my experience) about 90% of the time come back to BYC? Is this because Google has a tap on my computer and they know that I usually scan BYC first or do they know that BYC has the best info? Today I'm going with the later. Thanks BYC.
Hahaha, great question!

We actually had a chat with Google a few weeks ago about the tap they had on your computer. Google apologizes, said they are sorry, and that they won't do it again. We also sent Google to their room without dinner.

Seriously thought, we're very fortunate that Google (by FAR the largest search engine) likes BYC so much. We get a ton of our traffic from Google and we appreciate it (hopefully Google's reading this right now). :)

There are a lot of reasons why Google likes BYC so much. We work hard to make BYC search engine friendly and also work hard on SEO (search engine optimization).

Probably the BIGGEST reasons Google likes BYC so much:

  1. We have amazing members
  2. They post friendly and helpful information
  3. Members and site visitors link to BYC from FaceBook, Twitter, blogs, etc.

So, thanks to all our members that do those three things and continue to do them!!!

When I first started I used ask and not google. My very first search came back mostly BYC. I have looked at a few other sites but I believe this one is the best by far. There are a few good blog sites but as far as community this one beats them all. They have a system set up for non paid members to cancel out a lot of the scammers and the people here do not tolerate trolls. I have only seen one troll on here and had to report them for abusive language that had nothing to do with the op's topic. The site removed the post in under a minute, you couldn't ask for anything better. Because of the policies this site has it makes it kid friendly thus making more people with knowledge want to join and help out. Also, have you noticed there are no stupid questions here? This is because of the respect we have for each other. Because people are not afraid to ask "stupid" questions others have the benefits of learning from them. Before I joined this site I thought you needed a rooster to have eggs and would have been afraid to ask but I saw a post where someone asked and got an answer that was kind and respectful. This is why I joined and later paid a small fee to support the ongoing efforts to keep this site up.

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