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    I'm pretty confused and frustrated at this point. I don't know if I'm right or wrong on the matter, which is why I ask.
    My question is about the Plymouth Rock breed.

    I keep hearing people say that Barred Rocks, White Rocks, and Sapphire Gems are all different breeds. But, they are all just different color mutations/variations of the same breed: Plymouth Rocks. Right?
    It's driving me insane hearing people saying that they are their own breeds :he:barnie
    Why do people talk like they are different breeds? Are they the same breed, or not?

    Sorry if this post offends anyone, I am just seeking answers.

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    Well, sapphire gems are a sex-linked cross breed, from what I can find on them. But yes, barred rocks and white rocks are just different colors of the same breed. Both are Plymouth rocks. They come in other colors as well.
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    Sapphire Gems are a hatchery creation, and not Rocks. But as to your other question, barred/white/whatever color Plymouth Rocks are all the same breed. The breed is Plymouth Rock. The color specifies the variety of the breed. Rocks come in many varieties - barred, white, buff, columbian, black, blue, partridge and silver pencilled. Regardless of color variety they should all have the same body type, lay the same color egg, etc.
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