Why should you have the coop door open in?

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  1. FarmerMack

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    Oct 28, 2007
    Stanford, KY
    The books all said door should open in but this didnt make sense to me. works great opening out. in a 6X8 coop the birds would get shoved out of the way or hurt or as someone else pointed out the shaving getting sweeped back. Maybe some engineer wrote all the books or someone who only has a monster coop anyway small coop i'd say door open out works great

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  2. funonahonda

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    Apr 12, 2008
    Central Ohio
    Thanks to all that posted and helped me out, It confused me that the books say to make the door open in, I'd say it is someone that just sits at a desk all day and has never had chickens and a coop.
  3. Stonebriar Farm

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    I'm planning on making my coop door open in. Last winter we had over 30 inches of snow on the ground not including drifting which made it over 4 feet in places even 5 feet around the deck. I used snow shoes to get to the wood pile for months.

    I have to leave for work at 6am and don't want to shovel the snow in front of the coop door before I leave just to be able to get into the coop. A covered roof over the doorway would help but not that much this year.

    Just a thought on another reason the books say open inward.

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  4. raindrop

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    Feb 10, 2008
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    Maybe it says to have it open in so you don't have to shovel so much snow? Not a concern for all of us. Mine opens out. Much better to not have the straw pushed around.

    Ah, lady Quacker we think alike!
  5. flip9109

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    Jan 14, 2008
    st paul mn
    lady quacker; if you make you door open in with 4 feet of snow infront of it wont it fall in the coop and prevent you from closing the door. not to mention getting the bedding soaked?
  6. Reinbeau

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    We've got two snowblowers, snow won't be a problem. All I've read here tells me to have it open out, no matter what experts in books say! [​IMG]
  7. FarmerMack

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    Oct 28, 2007
    Stanford, KY
    Quote:We had the snowiest winter in 100 years here in New Hampshire. i just shoveled the entry way when ever it snowed. just enough so the door would open

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  8. FarmerMack

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    Oct 28, 2007
    Stanford, KY
    Quote:An efficiency expert once told me not to call him an expert as an "ex" was a "has been" and a "spurt" was a "drip under pressure". I laughed and called him an expert even more often [​IMG] to top it off his name was Dick rotfl
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  9. RebelsHope

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    Jul 27, 2007
    I have my door open out, it was easier for me to do it that way. It does stink in the winter though. I had a lot of difficult with that this winter. I think now I would put a board at the bottom to the door is a little more off the ground and the snow would not be as big of a problem.

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