Why you never hatch one egg!

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    I wanted to share a story from a past chicken experience, it's amusing!

    There's a mini farm operated by the local county park department, and they have chickens. My husband and I used to go there and visit, and hike in the woods.

    One trip, there was a Bantam hen squaking her head off like she just came off a nest, but the area was all heavy farm machinary on display, not exectly prime nesting areas. So I browsed around, looking inside, under, over... finally found it, in a metal trough, 5 feet off the ground, burning up from sun heat, giant metal shards in the trough... very bad for chicks! 5 eggs total, I handled each, testing for weight.

    Only one was heavy, the rest obivously no good. I had two eggs in the bator at that time, and some baby ducks on the ground at home, so I put that one egg in my pocket and took it home. Consoling myself that the theft was in the best interest of the possible chick, should it have hatched, it would not have been able to scale the side of the trough, and would have starved or dehydrated. Too far from where the employees work, they would not have heard a distress call. Granted I could have given it to employees right there... but what's the fun in that?

    So off I went, placing the egg in my incubator when I got home.

    The very next day, a hole starts! Peeping and everything, a quick zip, and she's out! Quite obviously a pullet.

    She decides I'm momma hen, and sticks to me like glue. So, I hold her instead of placing her in the brooder. I take her around with me in a shoebox, and at night she'd sit with a hot water bottle in a towel covered cage. I had to talk her to sleep, listening as her peeps grew quieter.

    I couldn't leave the house without her screaming, so she'd come with. I switched the shoe box for a rodent travel cage. She'd go to the horse stable with me, Walmart even... they never offered to throw me out so long as I stayed out of the food department. LOL

    I tried to introduce her to the ducks, but she knew she was not a duck. She relied on me for everything, her comfort, her food, her social interaction.

    Me patiently waiting on those other eggs to hatch!! I candled them, and only 1 of the 3 was developing. Uh-Oh! What if that one egg doesn't make it the whole way!?

    She mean while develops her feathering, learns to fly around after me, when finally that last egg starts hatching. It's a boy! Bright red already around his face!

    And she'd have none of it. No she says, she's not a chicken. So I took a large wooden box, and put a cage divider in it, the light on the baby Roo's side. I listen to her cry and cry when I put her in this new bedtime situation.

    It takes weeks for her to realize that maybe she is a chicken, and this little Roo is her only species friend. But they do start to bond, and her reliance for comfort slowly switches from me to him. He mean while is very sweet, and becomes a great pet as well. They would roost so close together they were touching, and they became quite close.

    All in all a total of a 3 month process. Remembering her reliance on me will prevent me from hatching very small groups of eggs without having chickens already. I took for granted the days when I kept my incubator running all the time, always having atleast one chick or broody hen to become the companion for the newly hatched.

    She ended up going to a local mini farm with her boyfriend, as well as the ducks too.
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    Cute [​IMG]
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    LOL...I hatched a lone Serama last week and had to go borrow a quail from another BYCer to keep it company!
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    You should read my posts on Indy the human chicken. I posted them here. I got some eggs over the summer from another BYC'er and she sent 9, so I set them, all excited to be using my incubator for the very first time. Well, in the end I had 3 chicks develop, 2 hatched, but only Indy survived. We put her alone in a brooder box in the bathroom while I desperately tried to find tiny chicks somewhere to put in with her. I couldn't find any. [​IMG] By the time she hatched my newest chicks were a month old and wanted nothing to do with her. So Indy lived in the bathroom but cried whenever we would leave her. Then I got new chickens and one developed Coccidia, so Indy got moved to my bedroom so the bathroom could be a quarantine zone. Well, that changed EVERYTHING for Indy! She already knew how to clear her brooder box, so she would run over to my bed and jump up on it. Soon she refused to be in her box at all, she had to be with me or my kids ALL THE TIME. Somehow she got it in her head that my kids are her clutchmates and that they hatched with her. She adores them and follows them around like a puppy dog. Then Indy decided mommy's bed is sooooooo much softer than her hard box, so we would have to rush to put her in her box and turn the lights off fast before she could jump out and run over to the bed. [​IMG] Then she broke her toe and my 9 yr old DD decided that Indy needed to be snuggled constantly and be allowed to sleep in my nice soft bed to ease the pain on her toe. [​IMG] So Indy got two nights in the bed. My 9 yr old is prone to nightmares and has seperation issues so she crashes in my bed A LOT. Well, when she finally decided to go sleep with her sister one night Indy cried the whole night because her "sissy" wasn't in the bed. [​IMG] Guess who had to console her all night? And guess who didn't get to sleep that night? Yes, that would be ME. Well, a few nights ago Indy decided to get brave. She got down after I turned the lights off and found her way over to my bed in the dark. Indy is terrified of the dark and has to be consoled after the lights go off. Last night was particularly bad. She screamed like a terrified infant, so I had to grab her and hold her close. Then she started nudging her way under my blanket, so I put her on my chest and put the blanket over her and guess what? The screaming stops. Little chicky wanted to get warm under the nice soft blanket! [​IMG] So I slept like that with her on my chest for a few hours before I had to roll over, and she did NOT like that. She started complaining and got off my chest and went to lay further under the blanket where my chihuahuas sleep. They were too tired to care. She was quiet until about 7am when she started to scream to be let out of the room. She was hungry and wanted into the living room to get to her food bowl. Little beast! Life with Indy is interesting, to say the least. It's kind of like having a helpless infant and a cocky teenager all rolled into one. She's stubborn, she's cocky, she's sweet, she's a real beast, and I love her dearly. I call her my third kid, and for good reason. She's 11 weeks old now and she isn't going anywhere. She's my baby and will live the rest of her life with me. I could no more get rid of her than I could one of my biological kids. As it is my DD's have both taken to calling her their sister and they lavish affection on Indy. Sure, we tried to introduce her to the other chickens. Nope, won't have a thing to do with them. She is learning basic commands inside the house though, like the word NO. She understands it, and the word come. She's stubborn though. As I write this she is curled up in my bed with my 9 yr old, both are sound asleep. Yeah, I can say that I won't be willingly hatching out just a single egg again if I can help it. I am worried at the moment cause I put five eggs in the bator from my own birds and tonight I candled them, and only one showed signs of developing. Yikes! I might have Indy, the sequel in another few weeks!

    Here are some pics of my 3rd daughter, lol:

    In my bed:


    Being babied by my 9 or old:


    And on the back of the couch with her buddy Jasper the kitten.


    Yeah, just TRY to tell me she isn't spoiled. We have plans to get her a Halloween costume and take her trick or treating with the kids. And she will be in the Christmas pictures. She's one of my kids, why wouldn't she be?

    ***Edited cause one picture didn't come through right. So I fixed it.
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    Quote:Such a sweet story. I currently am helping out one of my injured chickens, she has a hurt leg and is kind of limping. Well she starts limping over to me and has to be cuddled near my feet. I hold her and she loves it. I never knew that chickens would be so much fun. I raised a duck and it was in the house for a month. It talked to me and followed me but the chicken is so much more affectionate!!! I am so excited... I can't wait to get more!!!

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