Wild ducks,will they come back?


Sep 25, 2015
I have a pond in my field and my ducks and apparently now wild ducks do to!
I have three anconas and I am unsure but we may end up with weekly mallards.I am not sure how often they come around or if they ever will again but am concerned.My drake went up there and was quite curious.So him and his hens his swam up on the two and it all breaks loose.The drake goes absolutely crazy on the mallard drake chasing him from his own hen who absolutely has never met (as far as I know).Not much I could do considering their in water and I felt bad because I’m sure that drake fault all march for that hen.However I was surprised by how small they are and I’m always seeing videos of them fighting and thought my boy was in trouble because a year ago this was not his attitude,he was not a leader and definitely wasn’t a fighter,guess things have changed.The mallards make my ducks look huge,I was quite surprised in the size difference.Their gone now however.

Besides that,does anyone else have often visiting ducks?Or do your drakes keep the ponds clean of wild animals,lol.

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