Will Barred Rock and Partridge Rock become aggressive


5 Years
May 27, 2014
We had to kill our Barred Rock Roo today. :( He flogged my 9 year old and then me a few hours later. No way we could keep him, because we have a 4 yr old too. Anyway, my question is....since he is gone if a hen were to take on "rooster" role and tried to mate, etc. Will the Barred or Partridge act like a rooster aggressively too? We are new to this and I just don't know if any more attacks could be in the future. Thanks!
Sorry to hear that. Will your hens become aggressive to the level of your roo? Most likely, no. I mean, I have had some aggressive hens, but they would be aggressive to each other, never to me. I've seen some hens try to "crow" and some try to mount others, but never have they charged at me like some of the roos I've owned. (Although one did go after my feet one time, but not in a way a roo would attack) On top of that, the worst a hen could do is pretty much limited to a good hard peck. While it is true that some hens do get little spurs, most never reach the danger or sharpness of a rooster's spurs. Don't let this experience sour you on roos though. They're not all that aggressive and are often misunderstood. Just wait until your little ones are a little older and maybe try them again. If you can find one with a nice, even temperament (which isn't all that hard), then they are very rewarding to have around. Good luck and I hope you guys didn't get too beat up!

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