Will my dominant hen kill the chicks?


May 28, 2017
My bantam hen recently went broody and we thought it might be fun to get her some fertilized eggs to sit on. However, not only is she very low on the pecking order, but my dominant hen (we don't have a rooster) can be very aggressive at times. Will she kill the chicks? Any suggestions? Thanks!
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You won't know for sure until she does.

You should probably keep mom and chicks in a separate secure area until you can supervise visits with the meanie.
Don't let meanie near the babies, she probably will kill them because they aren't hers. Broody mama is low on the pecking order and will probably let her.
Baby Chicks are Sooooo much fun! And watching a momma with her chicks is very educational....you realize all the things a "human mom" cant teach them. The first time I had a broody sit on eggs, in the hen house with the other hens..it was chaotic! I would find eggs out of the nest frequently, like 4 feet from the nest. I would put them back. At the time of hatch...one completely disappeared (shell, chick-everything) one hatched but died, and one lived...it was a roo of course! I had incubated in the past and let a "broody" adopt the babies, with almost 100% success! I had heard wonderful stories of the flocks being so good to sitting hens, and their babies.... But I will NEVER do it again. A broody that has eggs will have her own space, water & feed, and ability to go out doors. When the babys hatch this will be their "growing space" until big enough to be integrated to the flock. Since you know your gal is a "meanie" I would most certainly give your broody - her own space. Calmer for you, her and the "overall" chicken flock.

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