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Jan 6, 2011
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WHAT DO YOU DO WITH YOUR DUCKS? Are they..... ~Show Ducks??
I'd like to hear about your trip to a show. What do you do? Do you have your Duck do tricks? Is there a lot of people at these shows? How do they decide on a Winner? Do you ever Win Money? ~ TELL US YOUR STORY & POST PICS............
Right now many in the USA will be breeding their young champs for the next show season- but here in Australia we are just starting up. I had my first show last weekend was was so shocked and surprised at just what the judge thought of some of my birds. Having only a first generation of my own birds ready for showing- I am very pleased with the improvements I have made in just a single breeding season.

Here is my current most special boy.


This was taken at the end of the day when he was getting sick of standing in a cage and getting looked at by admiring duck lovers. He won Champion Runner, Champion Light Breed and Champion Waterfowl. My daughter also won Champion Waterfowl And Champion Junior bird with another of our drakes in the Junior section. We took home 6 trophies between us for the day.

All of my ducks are special of course- for different reasons, But I really am just so proud of Rupert.
So I did some lookin into showing at the fair here and it says this: "Leg Bands – All birds must be banded with a numbered leg band. Birds will not be accepted unless properly banded. Number must be stated on entry blank." Does that mean I would have to band my ducks?
At COOPs and feed stores they sometimes have those plastic bands that just coil around the foot and are numbered, thats what everyone uses over here. Might be able to talk to the person who runs (if there is one) your county poultry club.
I think that's so neat, taking your birds to a poultry show. And even better that you win.
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> (*)> <(*) ~~GREAT JOB & CONGRATS... Alicia(duckyfromoz) & KansasKid also a SUPER JOB to your Daughter Alicia, WELL DONE & KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK
We got several invites to show our birds... Even before we got them. Welsh Harlequins seem to be rare around here. They're not going to be old enough to enter the juvenile class though when the fair starts, so going to wait till next year.

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