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  1. Dr HaHa

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    Feb 11, 2009
    Nekoosa Wi.
    HOLY CRAP! No wonder I can't keep up! FT glad your home safe and sound! Your rant made me think of an ex girl friend, she had a white cat , blue eyes, deaf as a teenager, she screamed at it all the time. Must have made her feel better. IDK. Notice I said ex! TO really hope Tommy shows up! You made me fall in love with him too. Speakin of which hope FM is lurking. Took a break and sat down on the trailer behind the Case and called Peatwo. He came to me like always. For those of you that don't know, Peatwo is the son of the roo [Peaches] that she gave me and is my avitar that got killed by a fisher defending his girls while we were gone. Peatwo loves to have his Abbynormaly large ears stroked and loves to be petted on his chest and back too. He sat on my leg for a good 15 minutes and we talked. It felt so good! Think for both of us. We both were tired, me from poundin fence posts and him from propagating. [​IMG] Can't imagine ever havin a better boy! [​IMG] Anyway tiki you have reminded me of the family farm, nothing was wasted! Tin cans were a fix all for many things, maybe thats why I have so many coffee cans in the garage. And some other stuff [​IMG] So many people think that everything should be thrown in the dump. I don't like wastefull people! Obviously they've never been cold or hungry! [​IMG] Bigz think it's gonna be a really tough T hunt for me. I backed the Fiord in the shed and as I was steppin out a full fan caught the corner of my eye in the bend on the back road. Didn't see any other birds just him. Made a few mouth clucks and his head turned white and he fanned right out struttin to beat the band. What a beautiful sight! Messed with him for about 10 minutes then Donny came in the drive. All in all it's been a GREAT day! Hope everyone's was the same!
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    May 8, 2011
    Hi everyone it has been a while huh. I have been real busy this past few months. came on to see how everyone is doing.
  3. Dr HaHa

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    Feb 11, 2009
    Nekoosa Wi.
    Holy Cow polla37 thinking the last time was at last years Bash or shorly after. We're knee deep is chicken BS how have you been?
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    Hi all! We just got done with a nice hard rain and lots of thunder! Been a while for that! Now it will be getting green at an even faster tempo...the lilac buds are 4" long already! I calculate that we are at least 6 weeks ahead of schedule here. My lettuce mix is up! The radishes and self sown mustard greens continue to grow and the overwintered cilantro is HUGE! I am liking an early spring...my cousin from the Green Bay area says that it will snow again for sure...hopefully just up there! [​IMG]

    LOOK! [​IMG]
    Yup--I found him when I got back from work this afternoon! I am soooo glad! I gave him a big hug and a sip of my brandy and "special" coke. (you know what that is hey Bigz?) I think he was glad he was found too! I was out talking to the chicks in the tortoise garden (where he escaped from) and then I went to take a look around...thought I saw a smallish chicken in the area where the dicks are nesting...sure enough--he was in the dog igloo with a duck nest! I saw a bird in there this morning and assumed that it was a hen...maybe it was him? Anyhow, I am glad to have him back and inside before the storm. The twins and Eli seemed glad to see him too. DH is at the Buck's game so maybe he will be less glad? [​IMG]I say, "Who cares?"

    So a 4H meeting tonight...I am hoping that I can get a parent to be the horse person...I do not want to do it this year....I was going to work on the banner for the meeting but the Fair forms should be enough for tonight. Dont want to stress the kids too much! [​IMG]

    I think it is greener now already just looking out the window! WOW! Anyone else planting outside? You dont count...those of you lucky enough to have greenhouses! [​IMG] I soooo wish! I have a tiny one that you cant even go into...if it decides to get cold again I just might get it out of the shed and put it over my salad garden! I got a reminder from the Farmer's Market lady today that I needed a permit and a license to sell my eggs in her town...dont know if I will do it or not. I am thinking that a sign might work just as well...has anyone looked into that or is it only in the oober conservative Jefferson County that it applies? (personally I think they just want the $$$)
    OK I am off....I need to hug my Tommy chicken some more! I am wondering where he spent the night and the morning...he is not beaten up at all! Oh yeah MLH--I now know why his wings were clipped when I got him! I had no idea that cochin banties could fly! My LF cochin can barely WALK much less fly! Tommy may be getting his wings clipped again! LOL!

    Have a great night everyone! Terri O and Tommy T (back from the presumed dead...and you thought it only happened in the movies!)

    ETA: Welcome back Pollo!
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    Dec 6, 2009
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    Yeah!!!!! Tommy T made it back home!!! [​IMG]How's your mom doing? Hope she's getting better!
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    Dec 6, 2009
    Cottage Grove, WI

    Showed my DD the above pictures and looking at the pictures(not the group shot) she thinks 3 boys and 3 girls
  7. bigzio

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    Jan 20, 2007
    What the heck, I'm a busy poster today.... Welcome back polla...hope you can make the bash again!

    Yep, the old long beards been struttin and fannin here too! No women though...just anxious guys.....

    They finally said the problem in C-ville was a 1.5 earthquake....and the whole time I actually thought it was folks with their his and hers K-Y all at once.... [​IMG]

  8. Bigfamily4me

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    Dec 27, 2011
    Sauk City WI
    Ok... I know I need to respond to people on here. BUt I have had a full day, and I am now finally getting around to retyping my stuff on a regular keyboard!
    TO: I have a real potty mouth... and the F word is a fave of mine because I dont get to say it all that often.[​IMG]

    Yesterday I had 6 marans hatch and 2 lavender orps. I actually played midwife for the last LO,,, I hatched her. The you tube video of the woman helping out the chicks from a double yolk egg replaying in my mind the whole time. As i stared at the tiny chick in my hand, peeling off shell, outer membrane, inner membrane, two words pop into my head. Please (as in please live) and Mabel. My little Mabel is doing pretty well. I just moved her and the 3 marans out of the bator into the brooder about an hour ago. I still have like 12 eggs I'm waiting on...[​IMG]

    This morning as Im getting the 4 children ready for school I get the call from the post office. My chicks from Bev Davis have arrived. Ooops, i thought it would be tomorrow. So rush around like usual to get kids out to school on time. I stop and get the chicks at the PO. then I have to run to the farm supply store to get more chick waterers and feeder. Oh and sav-a-chick. Oh I needed bedding too. I get home, and have to transfer the 5 uglies to a different brooder (which should have been cleaned but wasnt). Then I had to clean out the first brooder to put the 24 chicks Wheaten Marans I got from Bev, and the 8 chicks that have hatched here so far. Crap. I have a 2 yr old to feed and care for too. Double crap! Ok... get the brooder cleaned out and set up again. Move the babies in and introduce the water. There is one that is not going to make it. I have been giving him water through a medicine syringe with sav a chick in it. I have it in a bowl under the lamp on its own to protect it. It cant stand up. It holds its wings straight out to the side and flaps a lot. I think it got trampled and something is broken. He has bloody knees..? My hubby will have to take care of it. [​IMG]

    In between dealing with chicks all over the place, I DID feed my child. I, however, didnt get to eat until 10:30 am, and didnt get coffee in me until 11:30 am. That would be just in time to go and volunteer at the elementary school! Was at school from 11:30am-1:30 pm. Got home to a screaming child with my Dad. Took care of him and put him down to nap (the child, not my dad, although he needs a nap most days too [​IMG]). I come down stairs and finally make myself lunch around 2pm. About a half hour later I hear a big crash from the boys room. He climbed on top of his dresser and fell off. COME ON! Yelled at him and left him to nap again. I then went out and painted some of the walls in the chicken coop.

    It is now dinner time and I have a hubby walking in the door any minute and I have no clue what is for dinner!

    Tomorrow isnt much better either. I have a short appt at 8:15 am. Then I have a early childhood meeting in my home at 10:30. Then I have a bunch of girls coming over for lunch about noon. (I have to get supplies and make a veggie pizza before the 10:30 appt) I. Am. Tired. [​IMG]
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    Dec 6, 2009
    Cottage Grove, WI

  10. unkadan

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    back,,more rain, a t-storm would be nice just to shake things up

    Bf4 you made me tired just reading about your day,,,,nice hearing the Wheaton's arrived relatively ok

    bigz, bigz, bigz,,,,,funny stuff,,,,and only 1 earth quake with all that booming for hours on end?

    TO,,,farmers market here require that you have a state permit for selling eggs,,that means a certified kitchen to clean and grade the eggs as well as whatever local permits apply,,,I went with the signs. At the farm no regs in WI for selling eggs,,,just common sense and that inevitable insurance issue. Also nice to see your drinkin buddy back safe and sound. Nothing veggie wise planted outside, 30º nights coming for a few days, I did cultivate and seeded some bare areas with oats the other day,,,cover crops are my friend,,,these will get tilled in early/mid May before crops go in those areas.

    CC I have been trying to figure out my chicks every time I check them,,,,no exact count here either,,but dang do they change looks fast in a week

    been smelling the crock pot stew all afternoon,,,time to sample it,,bbl

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