Wisconsin "Cheeseheads"

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    Oct 16, 2008
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    Apr 7, 2011
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    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. Celtic Chick

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    Apr 7, 2011
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    Oh no, Terri! That stinks. I sure hope you find him and he is ok. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Banties are really good fliers. When Jack was younger, he could jump from the ground to the top of a 6' fence.

    Noone has any idea of the sexes of Moose's babies?????? [​IMG] They are 2 months old.
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    Dec 6, 2009
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    I have been looking at the pictures you posted. How many have red looking wattles.... I am going back and forth to try and look at the pictures and type :) Do any of the combs and wattle apear paler and smaller compared to the others? the Rose comb buff could be female but it's hard to see the wattles and from the picture they look red- could be the lighting. What are you seeing on the one you call Mini Moo that you know he's a roo? Can you use that to compare the others to? Usually the boys are the first to pink up on the comb and wattles but each breed is different. Sorry I can't be more help :rolleyes:
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    Oct 16, 2008
    I am on Gramma watch for a couple of hours..

    I just set some more Del and Bar Rok eggs.. Now I have 92 eggs going in the bator.

    I checked for eggs in the chicken coop.. there are 4 Thai hens sitting in the nests.. I wonder if they are laying / or eating ??

    I think I will make the small leanto ready for them .. tonight we can catch them on their roost and toss them in there.. I have about 5 roosters to choose from.. a couple are very colorful, and a couple are plain black.. decisions, decisions.....
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    so that's a no on anybody wanting 2 female pheasants?

    BL4, I would be interested in those calls? I got people looking for eggs and duckling alike. you will be interested to know that we are putting the fence around the duck coop and locking them all in the pen. no more running free for those ducks.

    I hate it when people expect to buy farm fresh eggs for $1.00? WTH? get a life! drives me crazy! I told my BIL to spread the word in town that I have eggs for sale, and he says how much should I tell them they cost, $1? are you fricken crazy? "well they can go to kwik trip and buy some for .89 cents!" well go to frickin kwik trip then! what small eggs? these things are x large- jumbo. if you want a doz small eggs for 89 cents then I can do that too. ARG! some people!

    ps I got an egg eater too! little crapper. she'll be gone soon enough
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    Not a problem. They have me stumped too. [​IMG] 4 of the chicks have rose combs, and out of them, 2 had their combs pink up pretty fast. The small one (Chip) acts just like his daddy, and Mini Moo for some reason just screams roo to me. He did try taking on Jack when I first put them together, and he'll make the feathers on the back of his neck stand up when/if challenged. But then again, I've seen my hens do that too. [​IMG]

    I can hardly even see any wattles on some of them. But I'll try to take some better pics, IF I can get them to sit still long enough. Thanks for trying!
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    Jan 1, 2008
    This is why I don't have a Christmas[​IMG] tree!!
    EL so sorry. What a way to start into chickens. DRAT!
    I hope tommy comes back TO. [​IMG]
    I have some tin cans that still open at both ends with a can opener. Hopefully I have enough to nail over the holes when I clean the coop. soon
    I am going to use that tree and fruit netting over my coops too, and then twine every couple of feet with strips of an old sheet on it..
    I have been hearing Sandhill cranes for the last few days. This morning I saw a pair fly over. I think they may be nesting nearby.
    Gotta go do more work outside. Putting on my rain boots. My garlic is up.
    People don't want to pay anything for eggs. Argh. I feel like getting a bunch of copys of pictures from PETA hens life and distributing them.
    Cute chicks.
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    Jan 20, 2007
    Afternoon All...welcome to the new folks....hope you visit often.

    In regards to the weasels...if you can tack rat traps in the vertical position to the side of either the corners of the buildings or even posts, with the bait holding part a few inches off the ground...baited with parts of the fresh kill....you can start trapping right away....they will stand on their hind legs to get at the bait.....just another simple idea that works.

    Thanks for sharing all the great pics everyone.

  10. FrenchToast

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    Jan 10, 2010
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    Holy toledo,

    It took me forever to get through all of the posts. My computer connection is so slow today for some reason !!! Geez !!!

    I'm still undecided about if I'm going to Racine tomorrow. I had better make up my mind quick cause I have to call and cancel appointments if I don't go.

    I'm beat, mentally and physically from my trip. And to think I didn't stop at any stores either, other then Radio Shack and Walmart to look for a GPS cord.

    I'm lucky I made it home. Wasn't thinking about the Money part for gas when I decided on that last minute trip. DH gets paid on Friday so I had no extra cash, not like I will have Friday now either.
    Got home and geese and peacock settled in at 2AM. I didn't get to bed until after 4AM.

    TO, I didn't just get eggs. I came home with 5 Sebastopol Geese. One hen for sure because I got an egg with her that she layed yesterday.
    And one gorgeous Peacock. When the guy took me into the barn I almost fell over, the tail was so long and beautiful.
    Then we went into another barn and there was another mail. I said I'd take that one, the tail wasn't quite as long and I think it was a bit younger bird.

    We ended up putting him in a big plastic tote that I brought with holes drilled all over it. Then Put the cover on (holes on top of that too) and his tail was sticking out the back end. Had to duct tape it shut.

    They all made it home safe and sound. I was so tee'd off by the time I got home. I kept trying to call DH (and I don't mean Dear today). No Answer.
    You would think he would be worried that his DW was traveling all alone with an old truck and if he didn't hear from me he would call. Nope. He left his phone at work.
    Well, Go get it !!! @ss !!! [​IMG]
    I woke him up and told him I need help !!!! ......................................................... And I won't mention the other words that were exchanged last night !!! [​IMG]
    The real thing I was ticked off about was, I had stopped at his work on the way and asked if he could bring a pen outside for me that the baby pigs were in and clean it out for me. And another one outside. He said yes.
    You know if you don't want to do it, say so. He said he would. Nope, and I can't carry it outside by myself.
    Then I asked if he could drop off eggs at the bar on the way to or from work. They've been sitting for 4 days now. Not in the fridge !!! Now I won't sell them.

    Ok, I'm getting myself all Pi$$ed off again. Better calm down. He says all I do is yell at him !!! Well, I figure if he isn't hearing me I should be speaking loudly enough so he can hear me.

    Oh and Raim, sorry the Calls are spoken for. We're just trying to get a time set for pickup !!! [​IMG]

    Ok, well, I think I am going to cancel my trip to Racine. I'm in a Fowl ([​IMG]) mood. I'm tired. I started nodding off on the road last night. Good thing I was the only one on Hwy 51, it would have been just me hugging the trees. I will never attempt that long of a trip in one day again, this dog is old !! LOL

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