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    Sep 1, 2010
    Albion, Wisconsin
    Morning all!
    It's chilly outside! I like it! So do the rabbtis! They are all rather perky this morning. Ben and Co and the little chicks in the brooder are not liking the coolness quite as much as me.... Although they can't complain. Some have feathers and some have a nice warm brooder lamp!

    What else....I think that's about all actually. Other then that not much is going on. The Girls are all good, however, the Blue Andies I got from H&R are not working out so well in the coop dynamics. They are just getting the snot kicked out of them. Especially the little "whiteish" one. I think I might have to find a home with not so many snot headed hens for them. This has been going on for a 1 week or more. I keep waiting for the hens to start ignoring them but nope. As soon as they see the little Andies, it's open season. The RO's are the worst of the lot....
    The little Andies see me coming and they hide behind me so they can eat something....I have a little "safe" area for them but the hens are relentless in their persuit of the little ones....

    Some one asked about staking peas....I stake mine. I *think* like beans, peas come in two "flavors": Bush and Pole. The Bush variety don't need to be staked but the pole variety does. I make my own little pole grids for them but this year I'm thinking about a wooden lattice fence panel. The community garden in Janesville had these really cool "stands" with wire hanging down that the peas and beans all climbed up. I'm not the industrious to make those. For one, I'd have to get on a ladder. I don't like ladders....they take my feet off terra ferma...yeah..Im terrified of hights...actually it's more the splat at the end of the fall from said height that I try reeeeeeeeally hard to avoid.
    I normally plant my tomatoes in pots. Although this year, I'm pondering going to try to find some really cheep chain link fence panels and make a little tent type structure like this: /\. We'll see how industrious I get though.

    Jim-thanks for heads up on the plum trees needing a partner pollinator. I think I'll skip the plums trees. Now a butter nut....hmmm I'll have to check those out. I planted a little Hazel Nut/Filibert tree, but I don't think it's alive. Long story on that one!

    BL4-Now I'm thinking I have to read the Hunger Games. I dragged my feet over the whole Twilight thing and was amazed how good the series is to read. I to have huge issues with Bella and the Crew.

    Well, gotta go....laundry is almost done in the wash...Laters...
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    Good morning! Yup that bad rear end comment made me LOL! Sunny, windy and chilly here too...much more like March weather! I bet the tortoises dont even venture out of their house today....
    Yes GF is Gluten Free...made a few PB sandwich cookies for breakfast with Nutella in the center...yup--delish! I sure wouldnt mind that cherry cheese cake recipe! I plan on trying some chocolate PB cookies next that I could smash up and make a crust for my creamy cocoa cheesecake that uses a graham crust. I miss making(and eating) that one! As you can see I am not baking bread ATM...gotta get some coffee down...then I will get to it!

    H&R--did your maple syrup making go sour quickly with the sudden rise in temps? I was talking about that with a friend and was wondering how you fared.
    Cind--that is so weird about the guineas...happened to me with turkeys...but they were wild ones! SUre wish a few would pop back in and hang around...the hen could use a break!

    Jim I wonder if I will EVER be able to have less than 9 hours of sleep? I always wake up at 3 too, take a drink of water, and go right back to sleep! Actually it was 2:53 last night...I am beginning to wonder if my clock makes some kind of noise at that time because that is frequently the exact time I wake up...weird. So do you take a nap later? THat's what my Gramps used to do...get up at 4:30, wonder why the paper wasnt at the door "yet", and the lay down after lunch for a few hours...back to bed at 9. I always asked him why he didnt just stay in bed or go to bed later....

    Where is KEN? How many of those quail did you end up with? Got the Thank you posters! Thank YOU they were very nice. I always wished I could make those bubble letters like that.

    Guess I'd better get the bread going...gotta work this afternoon too. Oh yeah, I never had "painters of poo" either. But I think pinned diapers might be harder to remove than the paper ones! I did, however, have cutters! Cute haircuts for a while! Except for my son--he decided to cut my friend's little girl's hair instead of his own! DOnt ever mention to a 3 year old that they need a haircut!

    Have a fantastic day! Terri O

    ETA: I think that peas dont come in "bush" form MLH. All the kids that I have seen grow tall. There are a few varieties that grow "shorter" so that you can plant back to back rows and they use their neighbor for a "trellis." I usually plant mine along the fince...then you dont need to provide any other support. If you want them to go very tall just stick some tall branches in the ground along the fence...they work great and are free too!
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    Dec 6, 2009
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    Given how fast the temps were above freezing we didn't even tap our trees this year. We have enough jars left over from last year so we should be set. Plus it seems that this year we are busier than the last so not sure where we would have squeezed it in :)
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    Mar 9, 2012
    SCentral Sconny
    babylady- Sweeeeet! You guys are as geeking as I am! [​IMG]I'm making myself hold off to see the movie a bit cuz daughter's birthday and party is this weekend so I'm busy and distracted... and well once you see the movie, you can't see it again for the first time! lol We can take the geek thing to so many different levels! [​IMG]
    Did your daughter take pix of her nails? I actually started a blog just to put the pix I take of the polishes and nail art I throw on my nails! So I'd LOVE to see!!! How fun. And no kidding about setting an example for girls.... Twilight is a nice little escape for grownups who know better... although I'm pleased the Bella character isn't big into her appearance and popularity. She's going along being herself. Ok this would be a REALLY interesting idea to compare and contrast but I don't think our chicken forum is the right place, so I'm going to stop contemplating that subject right now! [​IMG]

    Originally Posted by Cindlady [​IMG]

    The roo is in with the hens...
    Hens not happy not being in the coop.... rooster not happy being caught.... hens not happy "new" roo in pen... rooster very happy! Hope I get good eggs!

    [​IMG] hilarious Cindlady

    Jim-thanks for the info!

    Ghost Rider- I'd be so whacked out if I had hatching chicks. I've never done it either. Hang in there! :) I just read Jim's approach... I like it. Go to Target and realize all the things you need to get... [​IMG] that'll take a couple hours for sure!

    Apyl -nice use of the shot gun!

    TO- copy that about the GF Cheesecake. Let me look into that today and I'll get back to you!

    Ta Ta For Now!
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    Mar 12, 2012
    southwest wi
    *gasp* HOW DID I MISS THAT SOMEONE DOES MAPLE SYRUP?!?! [​IMG][​IMG] I want to learn! So bad! I ASSUME I need to go around this summer and find the maple trees and mark them so I can find them next winter/spring to tap?
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    Dec 6, 2009
    Cottage Grove, WI

    LOL- it's not that you missed it, this was the 1st time anyone asked me about it. We have been tapping our 4 trees since 2007 and making up small batches. DH's parents use to make syrup and when they stopped we were given the taps. We set up with 5 gal buckets and clear tubing coming off the tree and into the bucket. It probably would be a good idea to figure out what you have for maple trees in prep for next year. We usually tap late Feb early March depending on temps. You want the days above freezing and the nights below freezing. We pull all taps once the trees start to bud as the syrup can get a different taste to it. We do the majority of the boiling outside using a turkey fryer base and stainless steel pots- the more surface area your pot has for the opening the faster it will boil down. Feel free to ask questions about it, we did on-line searches to find the needed info. :)
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    Dec 27, 2011
    Sauk City WI
    I don't want to learn... I just want to eat! Hopefully Cheryl will let me try a jar ;)
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    Jun 15, 2010
    Big Bend, WI
    We are going to be writing an offer on that house!!! I am sooo excitied! Lots of wildlife traffic, and I guess we are surrounded by public hunting land. DH said "I love it, it's meant for us!"

    On the pea note I am not sure if you are talking about sugar snaps?? I think those are sold as bush, but they have those little "fingers" I call them that would work good in a cage. Farms that grow them around us just let them climb on each other, rather than set up frame work. They can get into kinda a matted mess that way tho.

    On the kid note, I am glad my kids haven't done that either!! Although my four year old likes to eat raw ingredients. One day he came up to me eating a stick of butter. Just yesterday before we went to go look at houses he got into the sugar, ate prolly a lb. had to sit for an hour car ride after that. Good thing he was strapped in, he was absolutely nuts! Had his sugar crash on the way home lol. Then later that night he finished off his baby brothers baby food. It's like we don't feed him or something!! Lol.

    Well school started again today. You'll see less and less of me.
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    Dec 6, 2009
    Cottage Grove, WI
    But learning is part of the fun! [​IMG]

    Have DS(6) home with me today, he is all conjested due to the change in temp and breathing last night was difficult for him- it doesn't help that he panics and that makes it worse. woke me up around midnight and I used the shower to steam up the bathroom for him and that helped. I know I didn't sleep to sound after that listening to his breathing and he wasn't sleeping good either. Decided to keep him home today so he can rest. So my paper work today will take a little longer today as I am getting paged every few minutes [​IMG] in fact he wants me to come a sit by him.... so off I go!
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    Jan 20, 2007
    Late Morning All...forgot to ask how your Buckeye hen is doing TO? I haven't had any problems with any of mine. Hope she makes it for through, although it didn't sound good.

    We no longer take the batteries out of the riders over winter. They last 3 summers wether you leave them in or take them out....easier to just leave them in and plan on them only lasting so long.

    Prolly gonna go transplant some trees today...we have pines, a variety of spruce, and sugar maples that we dig and move. I made the mistake one year and transplanted a Ironwood tree....turned out to be the nicest yard tree, and the chickens just love the seeds it drops in the fall. They spend weeks under there finding every one they can...just gotta love those pretty hens!


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