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  1. GhostRider65

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    Mar 6, 2011
    NE Wisconsin
    Good Evening every one......... I'm finally back on, seems our internet has been sleeping again, gggggggrrrrr I hate frontier
    Anyway the last chick did hatch yesterday with a bit of help from me, I seen why she was having such a problem, and I can imagine if I would have left her/him it would not have been a good outcome. she was twisted around in that egg with her leg over her head, I'm surprised she pipped at all, but after I took my tiny tweezers and picked a couple more pieces of shell off, she stretched that leg out and popped right out a that shell. Is it normal or a fluke, her head also seemed to be misshaped/compressed 1 side was laarger than the other, but this morning she seemed just fine no misshaped head, she also took her first pooh in that egg..yuckkkkkkk...... had to Q tip the gunk off her quickly before putting her back in the bator, my last 3 eggs are duds I think, 1 is oozing tonight and coming out ASAP, and tomorrow I will take them all apart and see if I can tell what happened.......... anything in particular I should be look for?. Cuz they were fine when candled at 8 days, at 16 days I couldn't tell much, but they seemed ok, all filled up with chick though I couldn't see the air sack very well to see if the beak was in there, so they must have died after that.
    Terrible windy here today too, started last night with a blast that sent everything flying, the garbage cans my outside rugs, the babies toys, all except the gator......... good grief...crazy wind. So for now Night everyone. Kim
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    Dec 12, 2010
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    Hi All!

    DrH... Yep we do want it and WILL get it one way or another,,, just having transport issues [​IMG]

    amber... what kind of incubator is that?

    raim.... old steps can be good or bad... we lived in a very old house that was built with hand split beams. The stairs were so old and worn that they had groves from foot wear. Any knots in the wood were raised.... but, not a crack in 'em and a grown man could jump down 'em!
    On the other hand... the house where I grew up which was probably 60 to 80 years newer(1910 or so) we had to replace the steps... like a step at a time.

    Hehehehe.... got ya! Take it you are not the "handy" type or you would be asking for plans [​IMG]That's OK. We'll help you out. I see CC already hit CL for you! LOL I agree though, if you have barn space use it!

    Fun... Pretty roos....Want some more? LOL Some of us seem to be acquiring a collection!

    MLH.... Hummm that powdered egg thing dose look interesting.... thought why do I need powdered eggs when I got hens... but I see they last 5 to 10 years![​IMG]I was also thinking (if I found an easy way to separate eggs) that doing egg whites might be cool for all the angle food cakes I make. I never considered store bought eggs as real eggs, When I was a kid and heard the term "egg factory" I pictured them being pumped out in some sort of egg shaped mold. Actually, maybe I like that picture better than the "egg factory" hens. Those poor girls![​IMG]

    Ghost...glad the last chick is OK! At least you held off until the last minuet.

    Well, a couple of days ago there was an add on CL for 3 male guineas. I called the guy today thinking the 3 that have been showing up here were his. I was going to offer him $15 for the 3 (he wanted $15 ea) with the thought that they seemed to be joining my flock anyway. Well, it turns out they weren't his. He lives on the other side of town! We talked for almost an hour! (geez... sound like FT! LOL) Anyway, in the conversation we were talking about what birds we had etc. A couple of hours later he called and said he talked to a friend who just lost his Ameraucana Roo and wanted to know if I would sell one of mine! He might also be interested in on of the other boys! ***JIM*** This would be one of the ones I got from you.... How much should I ask for him?

    One of my hens (Sparkles... a 12 year old girl named her) is going to have something to cackle about in the morning.... "I had the strangest dream... that woman with food came in and took me off the roost. I struggled a little but it was dark, except for a strange ball of light that kept moving! Then I was tipped upside down and she poked around in my butt! Then there was a cold wet feeling in my but! Then I was back on the roost where I started!.Very strange!" LOL... hopefully she will lay some blue streaked eggs the next few days! [​IMG] She is a pretty little hen and I think her and Prettyboy would make beautiful babies! I hope she's laying!

    Well, bed time! Night All!
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    Nov 28, 2010
    good morning everyone,

    just finished walks with the dogs and letting the girls our for the day. A bit chilly here, 28 degrees, Hope the leaves are ok on the trees. Today, I am going to set up the brooder and this evening going to a chicken seminar with a friend in Marathon. I hear it is given by French Toast's husband so I am sure it will be good, he probably learned everything from her[​IMG] I need to pick up some chick feed and some save a chick water supplement. Hope everyone has a good day

  4. Dr HaHa

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    Feb 11, 2009
    Nekoosa Wi.
    Good Frosty Morning All! Cind glad to hear that you still want the stove. Was just wondering. I want so bad to make a joke about your dream butt I'm just gonna walk away! [​IMG] MLH He shoulda told that lady that there is an egg factory. Believe it's called Cadbury. Buck buck buck! Meow. Think I'm gonna kick the lil ones out of the appartment today. Getting tired of the squabling over roost space their gonna have to learn to roost with the big kids, there's plenty of room. Donny called yesterday to tell me that his DD went over to his house and put the eggs that he had on the counter for the bator in the fridge. [​IMG] but that he has about 20 eggs in the coop. Told him to wait until he had enough to fill the bator. Think I'm going to take the bator to his house so he can watch them hatch. Good therapy! Might just get some seeds in the ground today. Anybody looking for a practically new snowblower? Think I used it 3 times after I broke my tractor. Sears 8 or 9 hp, elec start, 24" path, 2 stage. Paid $800 and $100 for the cab. $550 firm! FT don't think you ever mentioned what kind of shop ET works in. Have some machinist tools he or the shop might be interested in. Can you tell Daddy needs a new mower? Dropped off my first extra doz eggs yesterday to super nice couple. They wanted to pay for the eggs. Told them the eggs are free because he occasionally gives me some homemade sausage. He makes the best dang sausage I've ever had and told them I'd rather barter cause I'm gonna feed the chickens anyway and I would just spend the money on something silly like beer. Better get movin!
  5. Bigfamily4me

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    Dec 27, 2011
    Sauk City WI
    You should have invited the couple over for breakfast of champions. They bring the sausage , you'll provide the eggs and beer :D
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    Mar 26, 2010
    Arena, WI
    Little extra frost in the valley floor this morning! Enough on the windshield that the wipers could not take it off and had to put some windshield washer on it to get it off! I'm glad the things I have in the ground like this weather...

    I have some chickens that need to go outside to make way for my meaties coming on Good Friday, guess that will be one of my projects this weekend!

    Have a great day,

  7. jvls1942

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    Oct 16, 2008
  8. Hens and Roos

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    Dec 6, 2009
    Cottage Grove, WI
    Sunny Morning here, bit windy and chilly but not bad!

    Finished our incubation last night- 11 chicks out of 13 eggs, haven't crack open the last 2 to see what they hold. Have to clean the bator up now and give it a rest.

    Mazojoe- did you get a chance to see the pictures we posted of the Blue Andalusians? Hope that helps you! I have 1 maybe 2 little cockerals about 6.5 weeks old trying to crow- kind of cute to hear [​IMG]

    trying to decide which project to tackle first today- probably should start with cleaning the bator!

    Have a good one.
  9. chikenscratch

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    My chicks must be really confused with the weather (heck I am). I put them out in the new coop on Sunday, the temp (as you all know) dropped into the 30s. Since then its been a roller coaster ride, am I the only one wishing the 70s would come back?
  10. mazojoe

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    Mar 26, 2010
    Arena, WI
    I did, thank you for posting them. The combs on the little chickies are clearly evident on the Roos...

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