Wisconsin "Cheeseheads"

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    Jan 10, 2010
    UP North WI
    The research you will have to do will be to look up the chickie poo's (get it Poo)Hinnie !!! [​IMG]
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    How in the world do you find this stuff!? You are amazing!

    Terri O
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    Sep 1, 2010
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    Well, I would say "I really want all boys!" look for the boy feathers and then I'd hopefully end up with all girls. At least that is how it should work....but I'm no Expert...like you....[​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Sep 1, 2010
    Albion, Wisconsin
    LOL!! Cabinet incubator....to funny!!! Hey! That give me an idea though.....I will have to talk to DH...get him to get Nutrena to do a Incubator Sweepstakes thing....the did a coop sweepstakes last year...now they need to help fill it!! LOL!!!

    Glad you made the seminar and he gave a good talk! Some times those can go either way depending on the crowd. I know some of the newbie questions are unique but I love them! Some of the really make me think!
    Once years ago at our feed store, a well dressed, very educated affluent customer came in an noticed an egg carton filled with eggs on the counter. She looked at them and asked DH (I kid you not!) "So what do they make these out of now?" and pointed to the eggs. Dh explained that they still come from hens. She felt so stupid. He told her not to that is was a good question. She went on to explain that she though that eggs were made and packaged in a factory since they all were so uniform. She thought ours were from a different factory since they were brown and not white.
    I gave her a carton to compare her "fake" eggs to my Ladies "real" eggs. She became a staunch fresh egg convert and eventually got 4 hens.
    Sadly I can see where her thoughts come from....open an Eggland's Best egg carton at your local grocery. They are all white and uniformly stamped with an red EB stamp on them.

    As far a making powdered eggs go, DH found out about it originally and I found neat little youtube video that explains the process. I'll try to set the link here but I have trouble doing so on the new forum format:
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    Apr 7, 2011
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    Chicken Coop - $600 (Franklin)

    coop - $325 (slinger)

    Or better yet, just admit you have a chicken addiction, resign yourself to the fact that you will continue to get more birds in the future and will clearly need a much larger coop to hold said more birds. Don't think you're any more strong-willed than we are: chicken math will get you too! [​IMG]

    Having said that, either start converting & filling up that barn of yours, or get one of these. [​IMG] They do have larger ones too.

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    I can't keep up today. Sorry. Said there were 71 posts since I was last on here. [​IMG] I spent most of my day working on putting together a video on youtube of my son's homebirth. He'll be 6 this weekend and I really wanted to get the pics put together so I finally got that done. That was in between homeschooling and taking care of the wee ones. [​IMG]I'll try to go back and read as much as I can as time allows. But anyway, hi! [​IMG]
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    CC you crack me up!

    Been fighting this silly bug, feeling better today.

    My poor baby had her teeth pulled today. I did not think she had too much root left (the x-rays looked clear), but apparently there were 2 teeth that still had some significant root left. Now she has these HUGE holes in her mouth and has to eat soft food for the next day or so..... but made out like a fat cat with the tooth fairy! (Yes we still do that here since the youngest is 9.) She told me she was not completely numb and would have liked to punch the dentist! Good thing she restrained herself.

    Ugh.... screwed up my right shoulder a few weeks ago. Irritated the ligaments so it has been rather annoying not being able to sleep on my right side. I also need to get back to strength training! I lost a week of running due to being busy and sickness! Argh....

    Should head to bed, another fun filled day at work tomorrow and another long drive in the Oshkosh! Filled the tank tonight, $62..... [​IMG]
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    Oct 16, 2008
    good evening, according to the TV commercials, EB eggs have just a little extra goodness in them..I wonder how they do it? maybe the TV show "How do They Do It" should run a segment.. Of course the part where the "extra" is put into the egg will be secret and not be shown..

    speaking of putting eggs.. I have put 177 assorted eggs into the incubator.. I have the BarRock eggs double decked..

    the 2 turkeys are tending the 6 goose eggs in the coop..
    the geese come in and check on their progress several times during the day.. at night, the goose takes the nest over..

    TerriO, thanks for straightening out the gender of the cockatiels.. today two of them did the two minute drill.. I guess they were confused before..

    Now Annie is on the lookout for a nesting box..
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    May 8, 2011
    does anyone know some who is selling some chicks, pullets, or broody. it is about time for some more chicken math. i live over here near green bay.
  10. Celtic Chick

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    Apr 7, 2011
    SE Wis
    Not sure about the Green Bay area, but in SE WI:




    Belgian D'uccle chicks - $5

    Chicks for sale - (Raymond)

    Started chicks / laying hens - $1 (Milwaukee / SE WI)

    SILKIES - $10 (Burlington )

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