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  1. tiki244

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    Jan 1, 2008
    OOOH Nice! [​IMG]I want you're incubator. lol Have we met? Well my name is Kris and Hi Terri! [​IMG]

  2. tiki244

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    Jan 1, 2008
    otonoh yes mother nature is really helping with my covered run removal too. LOL Now the plastic is ripped in shreds and covered in a fine sand. We really need rain here. Going outside and breathing at the same time can be hazardous, with all the sand flying through the air. The seeds I planted may have blown away.

    I need to get a bigger brooder for my chicks today. And not even a plan started yet. I guess that will be my main project and then go from there.
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    it IS the 3rd week (may 18-20) I'm moving up my eggs up a week so they will hatch the week before lol

    ya the fall through the steps would break legs cause you would end up in the basement. they will hold the kids as is as long as they don't jump down them. lol really you can see into the basement through the cracks and they give 2 inches. [​IMG]

    gotta run, my mom called, my brother is gonna be there with my niece and I haven't seen her in for ever. she's gonna be 1 in April and I've seen her maybe 4 times in the last year. :(
  4. Toastedrob1

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    Feb 16, 2012
    Germantown wi
    Any Milwaukee area cheeseers have a coop. For 5 or 6 chickens.
    My two wellies dont like my marans much would like to separate them and get 2 more marans maybe.
  5. WIChookchick

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    Aug 25, 2010
    Rural Brooklyn, WI
    I was on the phone with TO, and she said some one here was looking for some chicks in the madison area??
    I will try one more page back but have already looked at the current page 1919 and 1918 and not seen who it was.

    I have 2 golden comet pullet chicks about 7-8 days old, i got them from TSC cuz I had to buy 6 to get the few I wanted.
    I would ask what I paid for them which was around 3 a piece. I am in Brooklyn but can meet.
    PLS PM me or call me 608-228-5420.
    I won't be back on today for a LONG time OR not till tomorrow, I have a friend who is having surgery even as I type this. I am his driver and may have to stay overnight to
    manage his pain meds and icing his shoulder (surgical sight).
  6. Fun-E-Farm

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    Feb 14, 2012
    Taylor Co. Wisconsin
    I finally made an order yesterday and they will be here next month. I ordered Barred Rock, Mottled Java and Silver Lakenvelders. Another guy's four will be traveling with mine. So happy to help someone get their rare breed.

    Yesterday I took pix of some of my birds. I need to thin out two roosters so thinking of giving them away. I don't want to butcher them but someone needs to go. Anyway thought I'd share my "mutt" birds [​IMG]. Excuse the windblown feathers.


    Two of the three boys


    Braun Zucker in her chicken saddle.
  7. Apyl

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    Feb 5, 2012
    Necedah, Wi
    Good luck, I hope your friend get better quickly.
  8. Terri O

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    Back from Madison--I am so tired of driving for a while! DD20 and I went to the Great Dane Brewery for lunch--MMMMM! I had some Butternut squash stew....oh so good!
    Carol I think that message is quite a few pages back...anyone remember who was looking for a couple chicks? It was to go along with a single one or two they had...I just cant remember who it was! (big surprise there hey? LOL!)
    Terri--what kind of incubator do you have? It looks interesting.
    Good score on the SLW David! At least you found out BEFORE so you could reserve! Did you tell him that you wanted to reserve girl eggs? [​IMG]

    Cloudless sky here...bought some spinach seed at the grocery store...going out to plant it! Anyone know what seed potatoes are going for this year? I want to try some red-golds and some purple ones...I guess I will have to go to Jungs and get some. I will call first...the one year I tried for them they were all sold out!

    Later...hope your day is going well...what's for supper? I looked through a cookbook and I am so stuffed still from lunch that I couldnt even read the recipes! Nothing sounded any good. *SIGH* Terri O
  9. otonoh

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    Nov 28, 2010
    Terri, good one, I am not that much of a noob. I did ask if he could sex them, he doesn't know how. Does anyone know how to?
    what to look for? looks like I need to do some research.

  10. Blackhorsehill

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    Oct 16, 2009
    Lake Mills, WI

    There is a gardening workshop in Jefferson on Saturday, and part of that is a potato fair. It is put on by Sustain Jefferson, and is going to be at the Jefferson Area Business Center, 218 Wisconsin Drive. http://www.sustainjefferson.org/garden_workshop.htm

    "Running all day - The Potato Fair, an all-day celebration of the spud, will offer many varieties of organic seed potatoes for sale -- from stalwart storage spuds to delicate fingerlings -- all from the stock of the renowned Seed Savers Exchange of Decorah, Iowa. Spud lovers may attend the Potato Fair for free anytime during the day without registering for workshops. Gardeners can buy in quantities ranging from one seed potato to a pound or more. Expert growers will be on hand to talk about different potato varieties and answer spud-related questions."

    I got potatoes there last year, and they were amazing!

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